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The legend of Tibetan multimillionaires building roads for the people so poor as to "beg for food"


A Kangba man pursued his dream for 39 years and built a 6.5-meter-wide and 35-kilometer-long asphalt road for his hometown of Barra Village. This road connects the national highway, opens the gate of Balagzong Canyon, and also opens the "living road" for the villagers ". The name of this "pure man" who was born and grew up in Dashan, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, is sina Dingzhu.

Balagzon, how are you? ---- The Mid-Autumn Festival Night in Sna Dingzhu is about Balagzon


Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Snadingzhu will go to the scenic spot to accompany his employees and guests. Peaceful scenic area is always full of laughter. It is another January night, facing the riddled hometown after the disaster, and the scenic spot that has been persisted and developed for 14 years has been destroyed by the disaster. What kind of Mid-Autumn Festival will Snadin spend.

All just for you-Balagzon


"I am the child who walked out of the mountain, as strong as the mountain, but also the feelings of the mountain ......" He sang his own voice, because he is the child who walked out of the mountain. Sna Dingzhu was born in Bala Village in the Bala Zong Scenic Area. Through 12 years of hard work by him and his colleagues, the Bala Zong Scenic Area has emerged from scratch and has become a sacred place for tourists at home and abroad.

Tibetan Farmer Entrepreneur Sna Ding Zhu and His National Park


Sina Dingzhu, a Tibetan farmer entrepreneur in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, has built the isolated Grand Canyon of his hometown into the "Shangri-La Grand Canyon National Park" in the spirit of Yugong moving mountains for more than ten years ". He helped the villagers bid farewell to the closed and poor life, effectively protected and rationally developed the superior ecological environment and tourism resources in their hometown, and explored a way for sustainable development in ethnic minority areas.

The closest place to heaven in Balagzon


This paradise, which integrates heaven, earth and people-Balagzong, has not only towering and steep canyons, but also majestic and deep mountains, verdant forests, silver lakes, ice peaks standing in the clouds ...... After years of hard work, Balagzong tourist attraction was awarded the honor of "International Ace Tourist Attraction" by the World Tourism Elite Boao Summit Organizing Committee in April 2009, december 2009 was rated as a national AAAA tourist attractions.

Approaching Shangri-La


Speaking of Diqing, the most famous when the number of Shangri-La. Snadingzhu grew up in Barra Village, which is more than 2900 meters above sea level. When he grew up, he knew that his hometown Shangri-La was world-famous. The Chinese and foreign tourists who came here made Sna Dingzhu see the hope of the development of his hometown. With the help of the local government, Snadingzhu 0.1 billion more than 10 million yuan in loans to build the Shangri-La Grand Canyon Scenic spot in 10 years.

The 4th Honorary Title Award Ceremony of China's Desirable Place


In 2013, Balagzong Scenic Area won the honorary title of the fourth most desirable place in China hosted by Beijing. The migration culture of the long-standing Kangba tribe is perfectly integrated with the Tibetan Buddhist culture, injecting blood and soul into this pure land. If the natural landscape recognizes the body, then the national culture that is integrated with it is human flesh and blood. And soul.
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