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Spring outing "invitation letter" | | Balagzon invites you to a spring appointment!


Spring has an appointment. Flowers do not miss Year after year is not negative Spring breeze has a letter blooming period All the good is on the way.

Balagzon's Time Notes | A Time Shuttle Journey of Light and Shadow


A little more hot, brave, if you feel happy and worthy, waste time. To chase the wind, to chase the morning and evening, to pursue happiness, to climb a mountain without hesitation, to wear a forest. Don't hover for a long time, don't leave regrets.

Performing Arts Hall


The Tibetan Cultural Heritage Performing Arts Center is located on the right side of the tourist reception center of the Balagzong Scenic Area (Small Performing Arts Center). The actors here are all native Barra people. You can feel the original Tibetan culture here. The intoxicating highland barley wine is filled with the enthusiasm and sincerity of the Barra people, and the fragrant butter tea tells the ancient tribal legend.

Shuizhuang Tea Room


Tea and Tao, enjoy quiet life. Drink tea, pour a cup tomorrow, and cook a pot of spring and autumn. Leisure friends come to Shuizhuang tea tube, good tea, good scenery, good story, natural coincidence, give you a spiritual habitat.

Bala Village Music Bar


Can be a cup of coffee, can also be a bowl of fragrant butter tea cut off time, sprinkle the heart, let time stop, only listen to your talk.

Photography and Dreams Shangri-La Entering the Balagzon International Photography Contest


The 60th anniversary of the founding of Diqing Prefecture is a great event in Diqing Prefecture and even Yunnan Province. On the occasion of the 60th week of the founding of Diqing Prefecture, the launching ceremony of the [Dream-seeking Shangri-La · Entering Balagzong International Photography Contest] jointly sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Diqing Prefecture Committee and Yunnan Wenchang Shangri-La Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was held in Balagzong Scenic Area on September 12, 2017, the organizing committee of the competition invited famous photographers from the Chinese photography industry to launch an international photography competition in Shangri-La, hoping that the majority of photographers and enthusiasts will spread it to each other and get together in Shangri-La.

Lijiang-Shangri-La Pure Play 2-Day Tour


Lijiang-Shangri-La Pure Play 2 Free Travel, Walking in the Natural Picture of Dian Beauty

Looking for the lost horizon, swim in Shangri-La


Holy Land International Travel, Balagzong Scenic Area and Tianju Shangri-La, Yunnan, have jointly created a 4-day tour with special features:

Exploring Shangri-La, Pilgrimage to Meri Snow Mountain


Holy Land International Travel, Balagzong Scenic Area, Tianju and Yunnan Shangri-La Jointly Create Travel Features

The assembly order is from July 15 to 20, hiking on the sacred mountain of Balagzong to touch this paradise on earth.


This is a magical and magnificent land The snow-capped mountains here are towering, majestic, and steep. Meadow green, full of vitality, cattle and sheep flock A magical paradise with unparalleled pristine natural beauty. It is the home of mankind's best ideals. Balagzon's secluded hideaway

The most beautiful Shangri-La hiking route, camping starry sky flower sea, enjoy the beauty of azalea.


This is a magical and magnificent land with a total area of 176 square kilometers. The snow-capped mountains here are towering, majestic and magnificent, rugged and steep, and can be seen from looking up. The precious trees are full of trees, dense water and grass, evergreen all the year round, and the forests are full of colors. The water gurgling, clear to the bottom, the fish diving deep, leisurely. The meadow is tender green, full of vitality, herds of cattle and sheep, foraging freely. This is a natural scenery of snow mountains, glaciers, glaciers, it is the home of all the best ideals of mankind, such as beauty, clarity, peace, leisure, contentment, tranquility and harmony.
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