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Disclosures! Balagzong's first single "100,000 Stars" will be launched soon. Please look forward to it!


Hiding one's time for several years, a new single from Balagzong Scenic Area Music will be released soon! Recently, the music single "100,000 Stars" independently created by Yunnan Wenchan Shangri-La Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd. has entered the MV shooting stage after nearly two years of revision and polishing by Mr. Sna Dingzhu. "Hundreds of thousands of stars converge above the night sky, illuminating you and me, just as we are not far away from the thousands of rivers and mountains to come to Balagzon to find our original faith in our hearts. If life is a pilgrimage, then the earth under the shining stars will surely bring us home with a full load."

Second True Ram


"Zizhen Ram" is composed by Shao Bing, composed by Yu Qixiang, and the original singer Zaxinima. It is a song released by the Balagzong Scenic Area in Shangri-La, Yunnan on June 18, 2009. It is included in the album "Return to Balagzong" in.
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