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All just for you-Balagzon


传奇人物 斯那定珠
Natural stupa
传奇人物 斯那定珠
New Countryside and New Residence in Scenic Area
传奇人物 斯那定珠
Tao Guoxiang, General Manager of Yunnan Wengtou Group (left)
Deputy General Manager You Wei (right) to the scenic spot

传奇人物 斯那定珠
Tourists visit scenic spots

传奇人物 斯那定珠
Zhao Yunzhong (left), Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yunnan Wentou Group, accompanied by Sna Dingzhu (right), went to the scenic spot to investigate

Scenic business card

Balagzong Scenic Area is located in the northwest of Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is one of the core scenic spots in the Hongshan area of the "Three Parallel Rivers" World Natural Heritage. In April this year, with the approval of the competent department at a higher level, the Balag Zong Management Office of Hongshan Scenic spot, a national scenic spot of "three parallel rivers", was set up here.

Balag Zongdong is connected with Gizan Birong Canyon in the east, Nixi on the bridge in the south, Dongwang Township in the north and derong county in Sichuan Province in the west. The scenic area is 76 kilometers away from Shangri-La County, 81 kilometers away from Shangri-La Airport, and more than 700 kilometers away from the provincial capital Kunming. It is expected that after the completion of the 214 National Highway reconstruction and expansion project next year, the scenic spot will be only more than 40 kilometers away from Shangri-La County.

The highest elevation in the scenic area is the highest peak in Shangri-La County; the lowest elevation is the Shuizhuang bordering Sichuan Province. The average elevation of the river valley is about 2650 meters, and the annual average temperature is about 14.8 degrees Celsius. It belongs to the northern subtropical climate.

Balag Zong integrates natural landscape, history, culture and ethnic customs. It is an incredible tourist attraction and a desirable sacred mountain. The natural ecological landscape of the scenic spot is concentrated in distribution, orderly in combination, prominent in focus, and obvious in three-dimensional characteristics. Here is high, deep, dangerous amazing, with strange, male, special famous, with god, wonderful, show attractive. At the foot of the mountain, there is the surging Gangqu River, the dry-hot river valley resembling tropical Africa Savannah, the snow-capped mountains like fairyland, and even the natural pagodas with miraculous craftsmanship.

Tourism Promotion

Enjoy the scenery

Opposite the Shuizhuang Hotel, the reception center of the scenic spot, there is a "sacred tree" of the same family as the bodhi tree on the cliff. It climbs to a height of more than 100 meters along the cliff and covers about 400 square meters of rock surface. It is full of vitality and green and wonderful. In addition, the scenic spot belongs to the alpine vegetation area of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. There are actually large palm trees and cacti, and it has a long history. Among them, on the south cliff not far from the entrance of the No. 1 plank road, there are 4 upright mountain palms, about 10 meters high. These are originally tropical and subtropical species, why the growth in the scenic area, so far no one can explain scientifically. There are still many magical landscapes in Balagzon. I look forward to your discovery.

Listen to Tibetan songs

"When the years evaporate, make a home for your heart." The song of "Return to Balagzon" sounded, and the unique melody of the Tibetan song will surely touch your heartstrings. To Balagzon, the girls and boys in the scenic area will open their voices and sing their hearts. What's more interesting is that at night, accompanied by the stars and the moon, singing and dancing with the girls and boys, the joy is dripping, even if there is no wine, it will be intoxicating.


"Is Sna Dingzhu in the scenic spot? If he is there, we will travel." This is no longer the idea of individual tourists. Many people want to meet Balagzon and Snadinger. The key is to listen to his stories, tell the stories of Balagzon, tell his own stories, and tell the stories of heaven, land, people and gods. In fact, Balagzon is a sacred place for the production of stories. When you come here, you will naturally hear the story and write your own story.

Rest your feet.

To the Diqing Plateau, everyone is most worried about the lack of oxygen on the plateau. Balagzong is a place favored by nature. There is a Shuizhuang Hotel at an altitude of 2650 meters. It is the best place to take a rest and make people feel comfortable. It is reported that the scenic area will also build a Tibetan-style ecological hotel, so that tourists from all over the world can experience the customs of collectors at lower altitudes.

All just for you-Balagzon

-Interview with Sna Dingzhu, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Yunnan Wenchan Shangri-La County Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

"I came from the mountains with the colors of the mountains on my shoulders. Looking back on the mountain road I walked through, I can't forget the love the mountain gave me. I came from the mountains, wind and rain reincarnation Gesang flowers bloom, ears echo a mother warm words, words let me unforgettable. I am a child out of the mountain, facing the vast journey of the past no longer count, the singing stars on the top of the mountain is to guide me home... I am a child out of the mountain, as strong as the mountain, but also the feelings of the mountain. There is my long attachment in the mountains, and my tears of missing thousands of miles away. I am a child out of the mountain, as strong as the mountain also has the feelings of the mountain......"

On the morning of December 18, at the tea bar on the first floor of the Jinquan Hotel in Kunming, the warm winter sun shone on the tower-like Tibetan man Sinadingzhu. He sang "The Child Out of the Mountain" softly with the accompaniment of music. "We are producing the second MV song album" Meet in Balagzon "with the theme of the scenery and culture of the Balagzon scenic spot, including this one of my favorite songs" The Child Out of the Mountain "." Sna Dingzhu said happily.

He sang his own voice, because he was the child who walked out of the mountain. Sna Dingzhu was born in Bala Village in the Bala Zong Scenic Area. Through 12 years of hard work by him and his colleagues, the Bala Zong Scenic Area has come from nothing.

Now, in cooperation with Yunnan Cultural Industry Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., the scenic spot has recently established Yunnan Wencheng Shangri-La County Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Sinadingzhu served as vice chairman and general manager of the new company, and he promised loudly: "Balagzon, life is only for you!"

Sna Dingzhu said emotionally, "I feel the burden on my body is heavier! We have to work together with Yunnan Wentiou to protect the ecological environment of Balagzong, explore cultural connotations, polish the brand of the scenic spot, and make my hometown, Balagzong, a sacred mountain for tourists at home and abroad."

12 years of scenic spots from scratch

"Last night, I dreamed of returning to Balagzon again!" Although Sna Dingzhu is in Kunming, his heart is in his hometown. He said: "I walked out of the mountains and into the world when I was 13 years old, but I always felt that my heart had never left Balagzon."

The hometown of Snadingzhu, Barra Village Group of Happy Village Committee, Nixi Township, Shangri-La County, is a paradise hidden in the snow-capped mountains and clouds. Historically, it took four days for the villagers to reach the side of the highway where the township government was located. In 1979, the 30-kilometer post road was completed. The average person can walk from the village to National Highway 214 in two days, and this situation continued until the road was completed in 2007. So far, the people in his hometown are extremely grateful to Sna Dingzhu. It was he who did everything possible to borrow money everywhere, and went through untold hardships to build roads for the villagers and lead everyone to a new life.

In 1999, Snadingzhu set her sights on tourism development and began the preliminary preparations for the development of Shangri-La Balagzon's eco-tourism. Snadingzhu hopefully invited tourism experts to visit the mountain. Surprisingly, the experts spent 8 days walking and looking at the result-the resources are really good, but the transportation is difficult and there are no development conditions. Sna Dingzhu was in a hurry. At the same time, his "bull temper" was committed. He only recognized one reason: nothing is difficult in the world, but he is afraid of those who set his mind on it.

At the end of 2000, Snadingzhu invited experts from the Tourism Planning Center of Yunnan Normal University and the Provincial Environmental Research Center to conduct on-site inspections, and successfully compiled the overall plan and feasibility study report of the Balagzong Scenic Area. In 2001 and 2003, the Provincial Tourism Administration and the Provincial Development and Reform Commission respectively organized experts to review and pass the overall plan and feasibility study report. When the general regulations of the scenic spot were passed, the man, who was 1.82 meters tall and weighed more than 90 kilograms, shed tears of excitement. Snadinger proudly said: "The landscape of my hometown is no longer an ordinary landscape. It will become the landscape that the world yearns for., I have seen the future of Balagzong!"

Improve access conditions, which is a scenic necessary infrastructure construction. On September 10, 2004, the construction of the road from 214 National Road to Bala Village started. However, the construction of roads involves environmental protection and the interests of villagers. On the one hand, Sna Dingzhu talked with his hometown elders about how to build roads, and on the other hand, he argued with the construction team about the protection of a tree and a river. All the discussions and arguments are very specific, even trivial, and the reason is to "give up the small family for everyone". However, how to coordinate the interests of all aspects, Snadingzhu not only costs money, but also time and energy. He is like a preacher and ascetic monk. Everything is just to tell the world that we must protect the natural landscape like our eyes. At the same time, we cannot hold a "golden rice bowl" to beg. We can change our lives and destiny. On September 9, 2007, after the completion of more than 20 kilometers of village roads and the basic completion of tourist reception facilities, the scenic spot began trial operation. On January 1, 2008, the construction of the remaining 16 kilometers of village roads and 8 kilometers of tourist roads in the scenic area was completed. At the same time, Barra Village was connected with electricity and telephone. It only takes more than 20 minutes for the villagers to get from Bala Village to National Highway 214 by car, and their lives have undergone earth-shaking changes.

Since then, the Balagzong scenic spot has risen like a new tourist star, and has gradually become one of the highlights of Shangri-La tourism and even Yunnan tourism. Now, it is not only a national 4A tourist attraction, but also an important part of Hongshan Scenic spot, a national scenic spot of "three parallel rivers.

Two years of cultural power

Since last year, the reconstruction and expansion project of Shangri La to Deqin section of national highway 214 has had a great impact on the Balagzong scenic spot along the line. For a long time, tourist vehicles could not enter the scenic spot, and all employees took turns. Many people are concerned: "What is the Sna Dingzhu doing?" Others are worried: "What about the scenic spot?"

It turns out that Sinadingzhu has not been idle in the past two years. He has carefully understood the relationship between culture and tourism. He has formed a bond with Yunnan Wentou Group in his search and search, and finally promoted the dance between culture and tourism. The two sides have joined hands to build Yunnan Wentan Shangri-La County Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

"In the beginning, there was only a very simple feeling, that is, to be proud of the mountains and rivers of my hometown, and to make the whole world like me as much as I like the mountains, rivers and trees here. Later, I found out that there are many good mountains and rivers in the world." Sna Dingzhu said very seriously: "At that time, I thought, what is the difference between mountains and rivers? What makes mountains and rivers have lasting charm and tourism have lasting vitality?"

Sna Dingzhu, who loves to think about problems, thinks about it in his heart every day. What inspires him is music.

"I have always liked singing, especially Tibetan songs." Sna Dingzhu said to sing a face of excitement. The scenic spot has just started to invite people to sing an original song "Cloud Ba Ba La Ge Zong". The original idea is to let tourists know the origin of the scenic spot. To his surprise, the song was quickly sung. Tour guides love to sing and tourists love to listen. Some tourists also bring the songs back to their hometowns. Many people come here after listening to the songs.

Inspired by this, Sna Dingzhu cooperated with musicians to release the first MV song album "Return to Balagzon" with the theme of Balagzon scenery and culture. The popularity of this disc once again exceeded the imagination of Snadingzhu, and the main song "Return to Balagzon" even became a particularly popular mobile phone ringtone for the Tibetan people. The song sang Snadin Zhu's deep love for Balagzon and infected every listener at the same time.

"The scenic spot was affected by road construction, and I just used this time to carefully release the second MV song album" Meet in Balagzon "." According to Snadingzhu, this album combines excellent Tibetan culture and modern music elements, and brings together the more well-known first-line singers in Tibetan areas, with the purpose of singing the Balagazon. Every song on the album is carefully polished and will be available soon after 1 year of preparation. "Soaked in songs every day, I gradually understand that it is culture that makes the difference between mountains and rivers, and it is culture that gives the soul to mountains and rivers." Snadin found the answer. He said with a smile that in the past, he always felt that culture was very empty. Now, from singing and producing albums, he realized that culture and tourism are combined to form products. This is a real thing, and it can produce invisible power. This is the most The power that can move people's hearts and infect people is very important for scenic spots to cast brands and go to the world.

"Yunnan Wantou and I have the same ideas and pursuits." Snarding Zhu was happy to find a fellow traveler. He told a short story: With the support of Zhao Yunzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yunnan Wintou Group, the group's general manager Tao Guoxiang, deputy general manager You Wei and other leaders visited the scenic spot with Snadingzhu. They came to the pagoda. The clouds are scattered, and the snow-capped mountains are majestic and upright. This scene shocked everyone. Everyone couldn't help but feel that they wanted to cry. At the same time, they all felt as if gods were praying for the cooperation between the two sides.

A lifetime dedicated to Balagzon

"Yunnan Wentiou not only has a good display platform, but also has advanced development concepts and a capable entrepreneurial team. I am full of confidence in cooperation." Sna Dingzhu said that it took more than a year for the two parties to understand and run-in. However, coming together, trusting each other, and walking hand in hand is a win-win good thing, and it is an opportunity for the development of the Balagzong Scenic Area. "I want to dedicate the most holy love to Balagzon and use my life's energy to protect and build scenic spots." Snarding bead true confession.

Based on the perception of cultural power, Sna Dingzhu began to think about how to excavate the cultural connotation of scenic spots. He said: "In the next step, the transformation and upgrading of the Balagzong Scenic Area and the improvement of quality and efficiency must take the road of integration of culture and tourism." After long-term careful research and listening to expert opinions, Snadinger believes that the Balagzong Scenic Area has four major cultural charms-migration culture, pagoda culture, music culture and ecological culture.

The migratory culture has its roots in the history of the Balagh Sect. Balagzon, which means "a place of good fortune" in Tibetan ". Legend has it that Snardoji, a hero on the Batang grassland in Tibetan area, is a very prestigious toast. He fought in the north and south all the year round. At the age of 42, he had an epiphany, gave up his pursuit of wealth such as cattle, sheep and territory, and devoted himself to looking for a fairyland on earth. Through migration, he found Balagzon, a sacred mountain holy land that can calm the soul. From then on, he lived a simple and happy life with his lover Renzhen Ram. "Migration, for contemporary people, also has extraordinary significance." According to Snadinger's analysis, the rapid economic development has made people mentally tired and restless. Everyone hopes to find a place to settle their hearts like Snadogi. Balagzon is such a place, which is in line with people's new pursuit of tourism-spiritual walking.

The pagoda culture originated from the naturally formed snow-capped mountains in the scenic area, resembling pagodas. The Tibetan word "Qudeng" means stupa, which is generally white, so it is also called "Qudeng Gabo", which means "White Pagoda". It is a religious building used to store relics and scriptures. The sacred mountain in the Balagzong Scenic Area resembles a round "Qudeng", and it is a beautiful "Qudeng Gabo" when it is covered by snow ". People call this naturally formed tower "natural stupa". It is understood that Buddha statues, sutras and pagodas in Tibetan Buddhism have different symbolic meanings and are very important. Among them, the existence of stupas is particularly sacred. For a long time, believers have the custom of turning mountains. They believe that if the "Qudenggabo" around the Balagzong scenic spot turns mountains, those who have done something wrong can seek peace of mind through repentance, and those who have dreams can seek The power to pursue dreams. Today, the influence of pagoda culture is increasing.

The music culture originated from the fact that the local Tibetan people have the same talent and love for music as Snatingzhu. "In my hometown, people say that children can sing when they can talk and dance when they can walk. Therefore, men, women and children can sing and dance well." Snatin beads heartily smile. Laughter, like singing, conveys the love of life and life, which is the charm of Balagzon music culture. With the widespread singing of "Cloud Balagzon" and "Return to Balagzon", as well as the upcoming release of "Meet Balagzon", the music culture of the scenic spot will surely be charming. Not only that, Snadingzhu is conceiving and producing a film and television work or television documentary that reflects the history, culture and development of the Balagzon.

Ecological culture refers to the transition from the culture of man ruling nature to the culture of harmony between man and nature. Sna Dingzhu said proudly: "The ecological culture of Balagzon is unique!" According to preliminary investigation and statistics, there are at least 913 species of seed plants 112 family, 348 genera and species on the land of about 170 square kilometers in the scenic area, and the biodiversity is well preserved. A famous botanist in Russia just walked the No. 1 plank road and finished filming the camera. The diversity of plants in Balagzon surprised him. After telling this story, Snading was happy. He hoped that more experts and scholars would go to the scenic spot for scientific investigation and further explore the ecological culture.

Latest News


The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.