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Dragon Boat Festival civilization tourism | let civilization become a habit


civilization tourism|Let civilization become a habit

Children's shoes for making travel plans

Travel whether to see the beautiful scenery

Or go to buy buy buy

Enjoy the journey at the same time.

Be a qualified tourist

To do civilized tourism!

So, what should we pay attention to on the way to travel?

The following small suggestions you deserve oh~

1. travel should pay attention to personal safety

No matter how beautiful the poem and the distance are, they must ensure safety before they can be explored. In addition to being responsible for the destination, you should also be responsible for yourself to ensure your own safety.

During the journey, you should always pay attention to food and traffic safety; inform relatives and friends in advance of the travel itinerary, avoid acting alone during the trip, and keep communication unblocked. Purchase full travel accident insurance in advance. Keep valuables properly during the trip, try to use credit cards, debit cards, etc., and do not carry large amounts of cash. If you encounter an emergency during the trip, you should call the police in time.

2. pay attention to relevant information in advance

Before traveling, pay attention to the travel tips issued by the departments of culture and tourism, transportation, meteorology, health and foreign affairs, understand the weather, health, traffic, natural disasters and social security of the destination, and try to choose safe destination tourism. effectively avoid travel risks. To understand the destination laws and regulations and customs in advance, make relevant preparations.


3. care of local trees and grass

If you like a flower, you will pick it, and if you love a flower, you will water it. All things have spirits, and everything in the tourist destination needs careful care. We should do: consciously love monuments, do not climb or scribble.

4. to take pictures under the right conditions.

It is gratifying to keep a beautiful moment with a camera, but the happiness brought by respect is more profound. Therefore, people should be given their consent before taking pictures. On some occasions, taking photos may cause damage to cultural relics, and they should act as required. In addition, do not covet novelty in dangerous locations, pay attention to safety.

5. control the volume in public places

"Keep your voice down to hear more." Say goodbye to the noisy, silent depths also have some scenery. Don't make a lot of noise when visiting scenic spots, especially in museums, Tibetan cultural centers and other places. You should enjoy it quietly and control the volume of your speech, so as not to spoil the interest of other people present.

6. keep smiling and caring for others

"Smile, is the language of the world." A smile is the best way to melt estrangement and contradiction. During the travel should be more tolerant, tolerant, optimistic, friendly travelers. It is an instinct to behave politely, not to abuse and beat service personnel, to respect the rights of others, to care for the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled, and to release goodwill to others.

7. humility and order, show grace

In the scenic spots to play should abide by public order, do not block the road, do not jump the queue. Push yourself and others for everyone's convenience. When tourists are more crowded, they should be more modest and evasive to ensure safety.

8. care for the environment, low carbon travel

Traveling abroad, a comfortable and clean environment needs to be maintained by everyone. We must pay attention to protecting the environment and not littering; we must insist on low-carbon travel, save water and electricity, and eat without waste; try hiking, cycling and other methods to slow down and enjoy the trip.

Civilized travel

After all, it's everybody's business

Start with me, start with small things

Civilized tourism on the road

Let civilization become the most beautiful scenery!


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