Shangri-la Grand Canyon located in Balagezong is a unique work of nature. From the elevation of 5,545 meters at the peak to the valley 2,000 meters, the elevation difference creates a vast canyon of 3,545 meters. The stringing characteristics of this area includes deep gorges, gaps and chasms. Most of the cliffs on both side of the canyon are as high as1,000 - 2,000 meters, the texture and shape of the geological strata seem like huge landscape Rock paintings on the cliffs. All kinds of strange plants, odd trees and vines could be found everywhere in the primeval forest . cacti, palms, azalea and vegetation are as beautiful as colorful paintings.

The clear and beautiful rivers meandering in the canyon splash water like fog, and only a frontline blue sky could be seem from the cracks of some risk cliffs. The sounds of the echo wall can be heard... the stunning scenery here can not be described in words. Everything you see here embodies the word "beauty".

Here also have age long historical legends, coexistence of various religious cultures, and attractive exploration of ancient histories relics. All of these are formed the "Shangri-La" mood with the harmony between human and nature.

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