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Danba County 2019-07-29

Danba County

Danba Valley of Beauty of Tibetan Beauty (group photo) This is Kangding's man in Danba Valley of Beauty, Danba's beauty, Kangding's man is as majestic as mountain, Danba's beauty is as beautiful as water; Danba's beauty is universally acknowledged, especially from Danba Valley of Beauty; the reason why Danba is beautiful is legendary that Danba's beauty is Xixi. The descendants of the Xia Emperor may also be related to their geographical environment, climate, soil and water, and race. Maybe there are other reasons. If you are interested, you might as well go and see for yourself.
Jiarong Tibetan Clothing 2019-07-29

Jiarong Tibetan Clothing

Khampas Men and Their Clothing 2019-07-29

Khampas Men and Their Clothing

Tibetan proverbs, such as "the law of defending Tibet, Andoma and Kangba people", highlight the characteristics of Kangba men. The Kangba people have lived and inhabited the Hengduan Mountains at the junction of Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and Tibet for generations. The mountains and valleys are deep, the rivers are vertical and horizontal, and the harsh natural environment not only shapes the strong and bold character of the Kangba people, but also cultivates their traditions and customs of doing business in the deep mountains. So the Kamba people are the largest among the giant businessmen in Tibet.
Jiantang Women 2019-07-29

Jiantang Women's Clothing

Shangri-La elder sister's color is like a Gesang flower blooming on Jiantang grassland. I don't know which crouching tiger, hidden dragon's head. I came up with the new term "elder sister's color", which made it spread wantonly among Shangri-La people... A color is not enough to represent, the general term is not convincing. Include all the colors in the world and the honorable names of elder sister, only the elder sister of Shangri-La. You often wonder at Ajie's color control ability. Often a variety of colors converge on the body, brilliant but no conflict, such as indigo, snow white and pink matching headdress, purple shoulder blue and white waistband, and regardless of the appropriate embroidery, will also put on a red tweed coat, or purple sweater, bright yellow coat. It's not over yet. There are lotus-colored black brown red shoes, bright bags on shoulders... It is said that it is difficult for women to control more than three colors in dress. But this argument, which is highly praised by countless women, is easily overturned by Ajie C
Khampas Women 2019-07-29

Khampas Women's Clothing

"Kangba" means frontier, while "ba" means human, and "Kangba" means people in Kangxi District. Kangba clothing also has its own characteristics, mainly Tibetan gown, sleeveless shoulder, waist, gown skirt, long blouse, etc. Traditional Tibetan boots are preferred under feet; the most popular types of hats are Calendula caps, top hats and fox skin caps; men and women are very rich in decoration, with different colors, shapes and patterns from head to foot, generally from gold, silver, agate. Coral, pine otolith and other elaborate. The most luxurious display of the Kangba people is the female headdress. Many people who have been to Kangba District say that their wealth can not be judged by the decoration of Kangba Tibetan families, but only by the sight of the hostess's headdress. Men's clothing mainly reflects the magnificent and relaxed comfortable attire. Men in Kang District tie their heads with heroes to show their courage and courage. They are bold and generous, showing their bravery in their wealth, and fully showing Kangba's character. The clothes of Kang area vary from region to region. Generally, people in that area can be judged according to their clothes. There is an ancient folk song that sings and praises like this: "Although I am not a Changdu people, Changdu decoration I know, Changdu decoration I want to talk about, bronze belt belt waist harmonica hanging; although I am not Gongjue people, Gongjue decoration I know, Gongjue decoration I want to talk about, Xiangjue threestrings of chest thrown; although I am not a German, I know the decoration of Dege, Dege's decoration asked me to talk about the Pearl and Golden Lotus hug above my head; although I am not a Hooker, Hooke decoration I know, Hooke decoration I want to talk about, red and green belt around waist; I am not as many people, as many decoration I know, as many decoration I want to talk about, red rope tied around the head; Although I am not a Li Tang people, Li Tang decoration I know, Li Tang decoration. Ornaments want me to say, the hair is tinkling silver tray; I am not a Batang people, Batang decoration I know, Batang decoration I want to say, silver hair winding forehead floating; although I am not a salt well person, salt well decoration I know, salt well decoration I want to say, head-wrapped wind-padded waist suspender. I am not from Changtai, Changtai decoration I know, Changtai decoration I want to talk about, the Bagopan shines. Rich and colorful Tibetan clothing, with a long history and distinct national characteristics, is a unique practical art and cultural and artistic crystallization created by the Kangba people living in the eastern Tibetan region, which embodies the endless wisdom, creativity, artistic accomplishment and aesthetic taste of the Tibetan people, its creator.
Anduo Tibetan Clothing 2019-07-29

Anduo Tibetan Clothing

Anduo Tibetan costumes (group picture) Anduo Tibetan costumes can be roughly divided into gowns, lambskin gowns, sheepskin gowns, wool gowns and single gowns. Tibetan bathrooms are wool fabrics. They are produced in all Tibetan areas, but the bathrooms around Lhasa, Tibet, are more famous. The quality of wool, textile methods and dyes used in making Tibetan gowns are different, so the grade of Tibetan gowns is also very different. In the old days, nobles and lords wore it when they took part in important activities, and poor farmers and herdsmen wore it when they grazed and worked in the fields. Most of the clothes in this area are crimson, delicate in texture, soft in hand and strong in warmth. New or superior clothes can also be combined with raincoats. The cloak is strong and durable, and can be worn all the year round. Lamb hide robes are processed products of lamb hide and sewed with fabrics. They are mostly regarded as formal dresses. According to their different colors, they can be divided into white lambskin robes and Black Lambskin robes. Today, Black Lambskin robes are regarded as precious robes. The lambskin gown is divided into several grades according to the length of the hair, curl degree and the quality of the cortex. The gown is mostly made of the same grade, a medium lambskin Tibetan gown, generally using more than 40 lambskin. Sheepskin Tibetan gown can be divided into goat skin gown and sheep skin gown. Women in rural areas wear goat skin gown, which is suitable for cutting, light, soft and beautiful. Sheep skins are divided into winter, summer and autumn sheep skins because their cortex differs from season to season. Sheepskin Tibetan gown is a kind of leather product widely used in Tibetan area. When making clothes, it pays great attention to the process of cortex and has different ways. Among them, the newly excavated cortex is the most flexible, wear-resistant and can act as raincoat. It is one of the most attractive types of leather gown. The wool gown is like the cotton jacket in the north of the interior, but the cotton is changed to wool and the short shape is changed to long gown. Therefore, the gown made from the sheep wool sandwich is made in the same way. It is characterized by lightweight, warm and free movement. Single gowns are mainly popular in agricultural areas with low altitude and warm climate. Its characteristics are cool, relaxed, comfortable and generous. It differs only in style from the old long gowns in the mainland. Through it, men's masculinity and women's delicate beauty are revealed. The shirt is the embellishment of the Tibetan robe, which is divided into two kinds: big and double. Material and color according to their own preferences, traditional silk products and cotton products. Those who use orange and light yellow as shirts are mostly monks or Buddhists. There are various styles, such as flat collar and vertical collar. The collar is divided into single button, double button or three rows of buttons. The collar is decorated with dark strips and the edge of animal skin is quite gorgeous. There are many kinds of ornaments, which can be described as a wide range of ornaments, and their preferences are closely related to people's age, gender, status, hobbies and aesthetics. Mainly braided head, necklace, wrist, gown trim, waistband and so on.
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