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Hiking on the Snowy Plateau to Explore the Beauty of Balagot Sect

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(Summary description)Tibetans are born to be singing and dancing spirits. There is a saying that they can walk, dance, talk and sing. It's true that every Tibetan friend they meet can come here at will. When they finally leave for Shangri-La County, the Tibetan driver shows us the voice of singing while driving. 

Hiking on the Snowy Plateau to Explore the Beauty of Balagot Sect

(Summary description)Tibetans are born to be singing and dancing spirits. There is a saying that they can walk, dance, talk and sing. It's true that every Tibetan friend they meet can come here at will. When they finally leave for Shangri-La County, the Tibetan driver shows us the voice of singing while driving. 

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  • Time of issue:2016-06-01 00:00
  • Views:9
Preface - Encounter Balagozhong

I stand nearest to heaven

STAND UP I felt the starlight

STAND UP Dreams are not fantasies 

Stand up, as the song says Shangri-La The nearest place to heaven, looking up at the starry sky at night, seems that the dream is no longer far away. Blue sky, green water, white clouds, snow mountains, stars, grasslands, here can give you everything you want to relax your mood, busy urban life, let people exhausted, always want to escape from reality to the depths of the secret world, come to Balagozhong, here is the most shining pearl on the snow plateau, here is the blissful world in the Buddhist world, this It's heaven and earth. Keep away from the noise and breathe in the natural oxygen bar.freshAir, let's have a relaxing journey of walking and talking.



Wish - Under the Bodhi Tree

Buddha said: 500 times of looking back in the past generations, in exchange for passing by in this life. The short side of the relationship, I fell in love with here, we can see the fate of Balaguer Zong, more than 500 times look back.


"Bodhisattva has no tree, and a mirror is not a stage. There's nothing. Where's the dust? In the world with Buddha, there are Bodhi. On a cliff near the Tibetan Eco-Hotel, there are thousands of Phoenix Bodhi trees growing on the cliff. The branches spread hundreds of meters above the canyon, which is very sacred. Every day, many devout Buddhists come to this tree to offer Hada's blessings and pray to bless people's lives in good weather. Bodhisattva in the Sanskrit is called "JueShu", which is regarded as a sacred tree by devout Buddhists and is highly respected. Legend has it that Buddha Sakyamuni made good fruit under the Bodhi tree.


There is a branch like a Buddhist hand, writing vicissitudes of life, five-pointed, stretching into the cracks of the stone holding the wall of the U-shaped valley, guarding the mountain Bara people's homeland for generations, the light is eternal.16.JPG

This Millennium Phoenix Bodhi Tree bears four fruits a year, only bears fruit, does not blossom, and is extraordinarily magical.
Hiking - Canyon Trestle Road


Shangri-La Grand Canyon, also known as "Balag Zong", is located more than 80 kilometers northwest of Shangri-La County Town. It is called Shangri-La Grand Canyon because of its name "Shangri" at one end and "Lila" at the other. It is said that the "Blue Moon Canyon" mentioned in the book "Lost Horizon" is here. The gorge is magnificent, there are Gorges in the gorge, there are Gorges in the gorge, criss-crossing, Gorges connected is its typical geomorphological characteristics.


2.5 kilometers long Canyon wooden trestle road cut in the mountainside, extending downstream along the Gangqu River, walking on the trestle road tour, like a continuous Canyon gallery.29.JPGRivering water beats against the stone walls of the canyon with clear texture. In good weather, Gangqu River can experience drifting projects.31.JPG
Typical vertical three-dimensional climate environment makes the vegetation species here rich and diverse, growing a variety of exotic flowers and plants, adding a touch of color to the original beautiful gallery. As long as there are cracks in the canyon, there will be vegetation, which symbolizes the tenacious vitality of Tibetans.25.JPG
The heart-shaped reef is as shining as a turquoise sprinkled by God on a long green belt.36.JPG
At the end of the trestle trail, there are many Mani piles in the canyon. Each stone condenses the heartfelt prayers of the believers.
Listening - Tibetan song and dance


Tibetans are born to be singing and dancing spirits. There is a saying that they can walk, dance, talk and sing. It's true that every Tibetan friend they meet can come here at will. When they finally leave for Shangri-La County, the Tibetan driver shows us the voice of singing while driving.


Watch singing and dancing performances and serve snacks^_^7.JPG
May 1 is the first music festival in Balag. Many Tibetan singers are invited to the scenic spot. Some of them are well-known predecessors, such as Qidanbu, Qiongxue Zhuoma, Solanzasi, Dowacaiji, Gesangqilin, Snow Lotus, Zassinima, Lankatso, Rongzhongerjia, Yangjinzzhuo, Xiawuga and Xueshan Longma. He, Genga, Zongyong Zhuoma, Zhaxiton Zhu, Zhuoma Chuchuchu, Shangbala combination, Jinzhume Zhuoma, Yadong and so on. How many can you know? The loud Tibetan songs echo in the canyon, absolutely good Chinese voice.1.JPG
A Tibetan girl listened attentively and watched the performance on the stage.3.JPGTibetan compatriots cheered and cheered for their favorite actors.8.JPG
In the Shangri-La Grand Canyon, 8,000 people gathered together to enjoy a visual and auditory feast.
Taste - Tibetan Food

Tibetan compatriots are warm, honest and hospitable, good wine and good meat, full of satisfaction and happiness.








Under the snow-capped Shambala Tower and Gezong Snow Mountain, a long-time story is being told here, and a long-standing call is coming from the source of the Gangqu River outside the window. The beauty of Balagozhong must be worth your personal experience. I think I will come here again to explore more stories.

Practical Travel TIPS

1. Snow Mountain is a divine mountain. You can't point at it with one finger. You need to point at it with your palm and your palm facing up.


2. Plateau climate is dry, skin is easy to sunburn, mouth is easy to crack, to visit please do a good job of sun protection.


3. Buses in scenic spots are usually equipped with oxygen tanks in case of emergencies. If you have friends with high resistance, please take Hongjingtian and other drugs to prevent high resistance in advance before departure.


4. Temperature difference between morning and evening is big, so we should do a good job of cold protection. Weather forecast in mountainous areas is not very accurate, raincoats are also necessary.


5. There are many detours on the road from Shangri-La County to the scenic spot. It's easy to get carsick. Remember to take carsick medicine.  

6. Pay attention to safety while hiking in the canyon and to falling rocks at any time.


About a Crab Walking in the Field

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