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Balagozhong, the place where the Shangri-La dream began

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(Summary description)Balagozhong, the place where this dream began, has now become the ideal paradise for people. Nature is so attached to this hot land that it gives the most beautiful appearance to Balagozhong, but how happy I am to leave my footprints in this virgin land, which few people have ever set foot on, and feel the surprise and shock brought by Balagozhong.

Balagozhong, the place where the Shangri-La dream began

(Summary description)Balagozhong, the place where this dream began, has now become the ideal paradise for people. Nature is so attached to this hot land that it gives the most beautiful appearance to Balagozhong, but how happy I am to leave my footprints in this virgin land, which few people have ever set foot on, and feel the surprise and shock brought by Balagozhong.

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  • Time of issue:2016-06-01 00:00
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Balagozhong may be a strange word when you hear it, but you must have heard of Shangri-La. It was said that Shangri-La is a fairyland at an early age. People describe it too much in the Garden of Eden. It is an ideal deified place, and Balagozhong is hidden in the depths of a canyon in Shangri-La. There are snowy mountains, lakes, clouds, waterfalls, Gangqu River and thousand-year Bodhi, which make up a wonderful picture. If the Garden of Eden is used to describe Shangri-La, then Balagozhong must be the Garden of the Garden.




Speaking of Yunnan is not the first time to go, but Shangri-La is the first time I have to fly from Chengdu to Shangri-La. When the plane has not landed, I see snow mountains, lakes, clouds, green trees, can not suppress the excitement of my heart. The nearest place to heaven is so beautiful. This trip is just for Meet you in the most beautiful season when the azalea blossoms! Just to remember your beautiful face!

Meet - Shangri-La Balagozhong


I began to understand the story here from a documentary called Return. It's a real and moving story. A Kangba man named Snadingzhu changed everything here with his real action. Once it was an isolated ancient village, Shangbala Village, where people needed people. It took a week to walk out of the mountain on the digged post road. The villagers'life was extremely difficult. When he was 9 years old, the Kangba man walked out of the mountain for the first time with his father. The beauty of all new things outside gave him an idea. He must change the situation here through his own efforts. He believed that this was the case. This magnificent scenery will one day be displayed in front of the world. At the age of 13, with only a little savings and courage, he walked out of the mountain again with gratitude and this persistent dream. Through many years of frustration and experience, he changed everything here with practical actions, and suffered a lot in the midst of failure, but the spirit of the Kangba people is just like that of the Kangba people. The majestic Shangbala Mountain is as indestructible as ever.


Nowadays, the road to heaven is no longer just a distant dream. There are convenient roads, shuttling between the high canyons to the scenic spot, and connecting the village of Shambara with the outside world. It takes only about one hour to get off the plane to get here.14.JPG

5.JPGShangri-La Grand Canyon-Balagozong Eco-tourism Scenic Area is located in Sichuan-Yunnan-Tibet Plateau. It is one of the core scenic spots of the "Three Rivers Parallel" World Natural Heritage Hongshan Area. It is 55 kilometers away from Shangri-La Airport and has a total area of 176 square kilometers. Balagozhong Snow Mountain is the highest peak in Shangri-la County, with an elevation of 5545 meters and a minimum of 2000 meters, with a relative elevation difference of 3545 meters. The terrain and climate are complex, including the three-dimensional ecological types and landscape resources of the natural vertical zone from the dry-hot valley of the "Three Rivers Parallel" World Natural Heritage Site in Northwest Yunnan to the modern glacial zone.20.JPG



All the way to Balag Grand Canyon, Grade 4A, through a stone gate cave, we arrived at the interior of the scenic area. We stayed at the Tibetan Eco-Hotel in the scenic area. It was surrounded by the valley in the environment of mountains and rivers. The whole hotel was built according to 5-star standard facilities, typical Tibetan decoration style, strong local characteristics, just got off the bus, beautiful. Li's Kangba women warmly welcomed Hada, a kind of home-like warmth, the hotel lobby frescoes and the value of the delicate Thangka people admire. Comfortable and spacious room, lie down and do not want to wake up, sleeping elegantly in a dream.8.JPG

Buses in the scenic area follow the Gangqu River. The terrain of the canyon is steep, which is different from the V-shaped canyon. The canyons here are U-shaped. The tall Rocky Mountains and the ground are almost vertical. The road to Shangbala Village and Snow Mountain must climb 32 curved Canyon roads, which is said to be the only road with the most curved roads in the country.12.JPG



There are Gorges in the gorge, and when you cross every mountain, you will find different surprises. It is hard to imagine that there is such a poetic and picturesque idyllic scenery hidden in the deep part of such a gorge. Here is the Kamba tribe-Shambala village with a thousand-year legendary history. The whole village is very small, and the local people live in isolation and tranquility. Life, seeing such scenery reminds me of the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru, which is quite similar.13.JPG

The white pagoda at the foot of Gezong Snow Mountain dances with the wind, telling the legend of Shambara for thousands of years.9.JPG

The thick snow on the roadside has different shapes, and the side looks like a Kangba woman with long hair. She looks far into the canyon and waits for her husband to come back.6.JPG
Shambara Snow Mountain looks like a pyramid, standing under the blue sky and white clouds in white snow. Legend has it that an old Lama came here with a lamb to look for heaven. Attracted by the beautiful scenery here, he practiced immortality here, and finally became a Buddha Mountain, guarding the peaceful sacred land and heaven, and also guarding the home of Shambara people. garden.3.JPG
Balagozhong, the place where this dream began, has now become the ideal paradise for people. Nature is so attached to this hot land that it gives the most beautiful appearance to Balagozhong, but how happy I am to leave my footprints in this virgin land, which few people have ever set foot on, and feel the surprise and shock brought by Balagozhong.
Practical Travel TIPS

1. Snow Mountain is a divine mountain. You can't point at it with one finger. You need to point at it with your palm and your palm facing up.


2. Plateau climate is dry, skin is easy to sunburn, mouth is easy to crack, to visit please do a good job of sun protection.


3. Buses in scenic spots are usually equipped with oxygen tanks in case of emergencies. If you have friends with high resistance, please take drugs such as Rhodiola in advance to prevent high resistance before departure.


4. Temperature difference between morning and evening is big, so we should do a good job of cold protection. Weather forecast in mountainous areas is not very accurate, raincoats are also necessary.


5. There are many detours on the road from Shangri-La County to the scenic spot. It's easy to get carsick. Remember to take carsick medicine.  

6. Pay attention to safety while hiking in the canyon and to falling rocks at any time.


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