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Four-day Tour to Shangri-La and Dali (April 29-May 2, 2016) (2) Tibetan Culture Museum of Balagozong and Shangri-La

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(Summary description)May 1, Balagozhong!!! Tickets and tickets must be booked one day in advance (before 10:00 p.m. the day before departure). There are two channels for purchasing the through-train for sightseeing in Balagozhong scenic spot: ticket agency of North Gate scenic spot in ancient city and Ctrip reservation. (Departure around 9 o'clock, specific time to see how long it takes to wait for other tourists, more than 3 p.m. return, more than an hour's drive.) The price is 50 yuan per person.

Four-day Tour to Shangri-La and Dali (April 29-May 2, 2016) (2) Tibetan Culture Museum of Balagozong and Shangri-La

(Summary description)May 1, Balagozhong!!! Tickets and tickets must be booked one day in advance (before 10:00 p.m. the day before departure). There are two channels for purchasing the through-train for sightseeing in Balagozhong scenic spot: ticket agency of North Gate scenic spot in ancient city and Ctrip reservation. (Departure around 9 o'clock, specific time to see how long it takes to wait for other tourists, more than 3 p.m. return, more than an hour's drive.) The price is 50 yuan per person.

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  • Time of issue:2016-06-01 00:00
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Okay, I'm going to start my second travels... In the last article, I forgot to say that it doesn't take a whole day to visit Songzanlin Temple. If you're not tired, you can make an appointment to visit Tibetans at night. Local quotation of 100 yuan per person can be said to be below 80, depending on individual ability. Major online platforms can also be booked, but we should pay attention to whether the delivery, including which foods, self-price comparison.


Shangri-La communication is not very convenient, only 3G signal coverage, endure it. Fortunately, the hotel WIFI pay attention to sunscreen and what not to say, sunburn a few times you will understand... The pit is, eat that meal there, old expensive!!! If you can speak Yunnan, don't pretend to be out of town. If you can pretend to be a local resident, don't pretend to be a tourist. It really saves a lot of money. In Lijiang Ancient City, the prices of local stores are different for local people, Shangri-La is even worse, and the prices of big supermarkets are different. Speaking from personal experience)


1 May Balagozhong

!!! Tickets and tickets must be booked one day in advance (before 10:00 p.m. the day before departure). There are two channels for purchasing the through-train for sightseeing in Balagozhong scenic spot: ticket agency of North Gate scenic spot in ancient city and Ctrip reservation. (Departure around 9 o'clock, specific time to see how long it takes to wait for other tourists, more than 3 p.m. return, more than an hour's drive.) The price is 50 yuan per person. If you want to play by yourself, you can get 300 yuan. (There are restrictions on time and attractions for individual tourists, and no restrictions on free travel)

Tickets are 150 yuan per person, student tickets can be purchased, and sightseeing buses within the scenic area are 60 yuan per person.

Note: There are also drifting projects in the scenic area. (Since May Day is the first Tibetan Music Festival of Balagozhong, there are no tickets on the day of the scenic spot, no drifting items, so it is not clear.)

Here is the website of Balagozhong Scenic Spot http://www.balagezong.com/(There are hotels in the scenic area, no snack stalls for the time being, it is recommended to bring water and dog food with you.)


I didn't expect someone to read my travel notes. Yesterday I was so tired that I sent them out carelessly before I finished the yardage. I wasted your feelings. Sorry.

Then count it up...


Three Scenic Spots for Individuals

                                                    1. Bala Village


 (On the opposite side is Paragzong Snow Mountain)
                                             2. Shangri-La Grand Canyon

                                                     3. Tongtianxia (1.5 km trestle road back and forth)

 (Friends with low vital capacity crawl slowly, a little tired)

Look on the internet, there is another hiking route to see more deep scenery, but it requires a lot of outdoor experience to go. (You can join those outdoor clubs)

Let's get some pictures.

The weather is bad, I can only take this level with Android mobile phone...
The 214 National Highway we went to was amazed by the danger of the road and the roadside scenery because we had never seen the world.


Speaking of this, it reminds me of the 32 bends that I passed when I was on the sightseeing bus going up the hill. The driver is very skilled!!! Harvester~


It's not easy to repair such a road to the outside world!!! So let's push a story about the construction of Balagozhong scenic spot. (Although the tour guide will say it again, I still want to come out, because of willfulness)

                                                          "I'm a kid out of the mountains."

One day, Snadingzhu, a wealthy man, decided to reward himself in a small restaurant in Kunming by ordering a plate of fried meat, a bowl of tomato and egg soup and a bowl of rice. When the meal was served, the young Kangba man burst into tears - his family could not even eat a bowl of barley noodles... "It was a tearful meal." The story of starting a business from scratch by Snading Pearl is widely circulated in Diqing Tibetan Area.

When Snadingzhu was born in Bala village in 1964, most villagers lived by hunting and planting barley and maize, often without enough food. The only way for them to connect with the outside world is the post road less than one meter wide on the cliff of the canyon. It takes more than four days to go to Shangri-La County Town from the village. The post road is difficult and difficult. If you are not careful, you will fall into the galloping Gangqu River. Some people are seriously ill. They are carried by young and middle-aged people to the hospital by the post road. They often go back or not, and some even lose their breath halfway.

There are six brothers and sisters in the Snading Pearl Family, and their days are even more stretched. They have to borrow grain and borrow money to make a living. As a elder brother, he dropped out of school and planted at home. Sometimes he went to the fields to dig out the newly planted potato seeds and bury them in a fire pool and burn them to his younger brothers and sisters. Once, only two-year-old sister mistakenly thought that food could be found in the fire pond at any time, reached out to grab it, was burned, and there are still scars.

"At that time, supply and marketing agencies and projection teams were our most desirable relatives, once or twice a year. The torch is a high-tech product that Bara people come into contact with, specially wrapped in a cowhide sheath, which is very precious. At the age of 10, Snatingzhu was tied to his waist by his father's rope and pulled out of the canyon for the first time through a narrow post road to reach the county town. Looking at the "wide" sandy road and cars he had never seen before, he had a dream of walking out of the mountains.

Teenagers'agitation has been severely criticized by their father: it is shameful not to farm at home and support their parents! "Someone in the village works better than you, but he still can't change his fate, I want to go out." The 13-year-old Snatingzhu choked his father speechless. With his father's $35 fare raised everywhere, he climbed the cliff and walked along the Gangqu River without hesitation, carrying a dilapidated bag with a crystal stone on its back and the reputation of a "bad boy".

In Shangri-La, Dali, Kunming, Guangzhou and Shanghai, Snadingzhu sells crystals and cordyceps, and then transports recorders, tapes, rubber shoes, new sportswear and bicycles back to Yunnan, following the sale of rural fairs, earning considerable price difference. From not being able to speak Chinese to fluent Mandarin, he slowly adapted to the outside world; from stalls to wholesale agents, he won the trust of more big businessmen with loyalty and integrity, and business grew bigger and bigger.

Snadingzhu opened Diqing's first hardware and machinery department and the first hot pot city for instant mutton. It accumulated tens of millions of dollars in wealth and brought its parents to live in Shangri-La County. However, whenever I think of my closed and backward hometown, I think of more people who are still "Guan" in the Grand Canyon of Balagozhong. Snatingzhu, who is so wealthy, always feels uncomfortable. The Kangba man begins to "fantasize" that "I want to build a tar road for the Bala people!"

"Wealth does not mean wealth. If I live a small life like this and don't go home, my life will be a white life." He explained his actions in this way.

Building roads, millionaires become "billionaires"

"To build a road, to develop the valley of Balagozhong, and to make the Bala people rich by traveling together, I can realize my dream." The fate of Snadingzhu is bound up with the way out of the Bara people.

To build roads on the precipices of the valleys with thousands of walls is a fool's dream. Snadingzhu, who was full of blood, was opposed and even ridiculed by his family.

Describing future highways and tours to villagers, some people heard that they fell asleep; a group of designers came, surveyed the terrain, shook their heads and left; a group of construction teams came, excavators were difficult to stand on, sighed away.

"The design and construction team can't do it, I can do it myself!" He surveyed the topography and designed the construction route himself. He walked about 40,000 kilometers in two years, surveyed the topography and explored the road-building skills in cliff, deep seam and 90 degree sharp bend.

To raise money for road repairs, he sold restaurants, hardware stores, houses and cars that he had run for many years, ran all the banks and credit companies in Shangri-La, and borrowed all his relatives and friends. There was a street shop in Shangri-La County. He borrowed it next to him. A credit company, he ran 50 times and finally got support.

In order to build roads, he owed more than 100 million yuan, and the former multimillionaires became billionaires.

On September 10, 2004, construction of the highway from National Highway 214 to Bala Village finally started. The highway, 6.5 meters wide and 35 kilometers long, passes through four Tibetan villages. Flat land in the canyon

Cash crops are rare and precious, and they have to be negotiated by Snading Pearl. He broke his lips, gave in as much as he could, and sought understanding and support. Older women thought he was deceiving and spat on his face. He wiped his face with his hand and said with a smile, "Niang Niang, don't do that. Let's discuss it slowly."

Regardless of sunshine and rain, Snadingzhu insists on supervision and guidance in the construction line, saves every penny and consolidates every section of roadbed.

In 2007, he raised another 7 million yuan to build a 10-kilovolt transmission and transformation line with a total length of 34.8 kilometers from Shangqiaotou to Bala Village, which solved the problem of electricity consumption for production and living in more than 50 households and scenic spots in four villages along the line.

Highway I

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