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The First Music Festival of Balagzong, Singing the New Direction of Shangri-La Tourism The First Music Festival of Balagzong and the Opening Ceremony of Tibetan Ecological Hotel



Go to Balagzon and let the heart be empty. May 1, in Shangri-La. Balagzong Scenic Area, grandly held the "First Music Festival of Balagzong and the Opening Ceremony of Tibetan Ecological Hotel". Many famous original ecological singers and "high-altitude hero" Eskaire from all over the country, and tens of thousands of spectators on the scene to stimulate and listen to the sounds of nature under the snow-capped mountains, and watch the exciting high-altitude tightrope walking across the Balagzong Grand Canyon. This is a music festival, here, you will sing and dance with the simple Kangba people, and harvest the most special journey.
May 1, in Shangri-La. Balagzong Scenic Area, grandly held the "First Music Festival of Balagzong and Opening Ceremony of Tibetan Ecological Hotel". This is a real snow mountain music festival between heaven and earth, under the snow mountain, in the canyon and on the banks of the Gangqu River.
In the first music festival of Balagzong, many superstars will appear one by one. Yadong, Rongzhongerjia, Zong Yong Zhuo Ma, Tashi Dunzhu, Tashi Nima, Solang Tashi, Zidanbu, Shangri-La, Snow Lotus Sisters, Jinzhu Zhuo Ma, Qiongxue Zhuo Ma, Yang Jinzizhuo, Dowwa-Caiji, Lan Katso... Super super star lineup, super beautiful vision and a music festival, just for this music festival, it is not only the sound of nature of Balagzon, but also a new milestone in the world's national music version!
Out of the importance of this music feast, this grand ceremony brought together nearly a hundred media professionals and industry elites from major media to witness this glorious moment. From cctv CCTV to major satellite TV, from travel satellite TV to Hong Kong HKS, from Yunnan Satellite TV to trump card programs such as urban bar codes, from Phoenix Tencent website to video websites such as Letv Youku Tudou, many media people will experience the sounds of nature under the snow-capped mountains and the warmth and comfort of Tibetan ecological hotels with tourists.
On the same day, with the opening of the Balagzong music feast, the Tibetan Ecological Hotel in the Balagzong Scenic Area will hold an opening ceremony. This is a high-end hotel with Tibetan characteristics successfully built at a cost of more than 0.24 billion, with 277 rooms (including presidential suites, suites, luxury standard rooms, administrative standard rooms, single rooms and other room types). In addition, the hotel also has luxury KTV rooms, SPA area, VIP massage room, rest hall, coffee shop, 300 banquet hall and a number of large and small conference rooms. The hotel rooms have a warm and comfortable atmosphere, equipped with 100 megabytes of fiber-optic Internet access, free on-demand television (IPTV), free local and domestic long-distance calls, independent air conditioning, and 24-hour hot water. The hotel is equipped with a buffet restaurant and a large restaurant, free parking, and provides guests with special Tibetan food, various Chinese food and Western food every day.
Balagzong National Scenic Area is located in the northwest of Shangri-La City. It is one of the core scenic spots in the Hongshan area of the "Three Parallel Rivers" World Natural Heritage. In the scenic area, there are the highest peak of Shangri-La-Gezong Snow Mountain, the vast and magnificent canyon community, the ancient Tibetan tribe that has been silent for thousands of years, the holy ice lake that ripples in the polar region, the faint river spring in the secret realm of the snow mountain, the phoenix bodhi tree that passes through thousands of years, and the unique mysterious and holy natural pagoda. Balagzon is known as the small Jiangnan of Shangri-La and the largest canyon of Shangri-La. The beautiful Gangqu River is rich in "river fish". In spring and summer, there are a large number of birds, dragonflies and butterflies playing by the lake, which is naturally interesting. The rich culture of Tibetan Buddhism and sacred mountain holy land has injected flesh and blood soul into the Balagzong scenic spot, forming a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, and the artistic conception of "Shangri-La" in which people love each other and live in harmony. It is recognized by Chinese and foreign tourists as a famous scenic spot that can support Shangri-La, a world tourism brand, and it is also the James that people are looking. Hilton's dust net domain.
This is a mysterious land that contains countless beliefs and the magic of nature's uncanny workmanship. Tourists from all over the country are looking forward to the unprecedented experience! Here, what you can experience is not only the melody of the song, but also the magnificent beauty of this magical mountain and valley. Here, you will sing and dance with the simple Kangba people, and harvest the most special journey of the May Day holiday.
The second effort of the Balagzong National Scenic Area will undoubtedly reopen the door of the world's yearning for Shangri-La, and will have considerable excavation and protection of the Tibetan life and Tibetan culture in the Greater Shangri-La tourist area. It will also become People's first choice for ecological tours, Buddha tours, secret tours, and adventure tours in the future.

The First Music Festival of Balagzong and the Opening Ceremony of Tibetan Ecological Hotel

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.