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"Shangri-La Little Jiangnan" Yunnan Balagzong Scenic Area Completed Road Reconstruction after the Earthquake


Ji Zhepeng

Xinhuanet, Yunnan Channel, January 8 (Reporter Ji Zhepeng) The reporter learned from the press conference of "Shangri-La Balagzong National 4A Tourist Attraction 8.28 and Recovery and Reconstruction after the 8.31 Earthquake" held on the 7th. Known as the "Little Jiangnan of Shangri-La", the national scenic spot of Balagzong in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province has completed road restoration and reconstruction, the oil road from the Xiangde section of National Highway 214 to the Balagzong Scenic Area, which was damaged in the earthquake, has been completed. In addition, the performing arts center under construction, Barra Village Antique Hotel and five-star Tibetan Ecological Hotel will open one after another this year.

According to reports, Shangri-La Grand Canyon? Balagzong National Scenic Area is located at the junction of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet provinces, is the "Three Parallel Rivers" World Natural Heritage Site, located in the northwest of Shangri-La County, Diqing Prefecture, at the core of Shangri-La County and Deqin County, Sichuan Daocheng Aden Golden Tourism Ring Road.

According to Sinadingzhu, general manager of Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Balagzong Scenic Area began development and construction in 1999 and was put into trial operation on September 9, 2007. It was rated as a "national AAAA tourist scenic spot" by the National Tourism Administration. It is the central hub connecting Shangri-La's major scenic spots (Putatso, Meili Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Weixi Yunnan Golden Monkey, Daocheng Yading, etc.).

Bai Yuxin, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Diqing Prefecture Party Committee, said that in August 2013, the Shangri-La 8.28 and 8.31 earthquakes made the Balagzong Scenic Area a severe disaster area, with tourist roads, power facilities, communication facilities, water supply facilities, scenic plank roads, bridges and other facilities. Seriously damaged. Sna Dingzhu quickly organized the safe transfer of more than 400 trapped people, and made every effort to ensure the personal safety and living needs of all personnel, and fully cooperated with the government to open up the life channel as soon as possible, and overcome various difficulties after the disaster and put into the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work.

Bai Yuxin said that Balagzong Scenic Area is one of the "Five National Parks" in Diqing Prefecture. Its development and construction have benefited local villagers, changed the closed and backward appearance of Balagzong Village and villagers along the route, and increased the income of villagers rapidly. The employment problem of the local surplus labor force has been solved. After the restoration and reconstruction, Balagzong Scenic Area will be a shining star in the tourism industry.

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