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Summary of 2022 Balagzong Civilized Tourism Promotion Activities


2022Summary of Civilized Tourism Publicity Activities in Balagatzong


In order to further improve the quality of employees and tourists' awareness of civilized tourism, in accordance with the spirit of the document, Balagzon fully implemented the instructions and requirements of higher-level government departments, took active actions in the promotion of civilized tourism, and increased the promotion of civilized tourism, and achieved certain results. The work is now reported as follows:

One is to increase publicity. Set up a column on the company's website, make civilized tourism publicity pictures and civilized tourism conventions to hang on the website, vigorously promote civilized tourism, and advocate the concept of "civilized travel and harmonious tourism. In conjunction with the "the People's Republic of China Tourism Law" publicity and implementation activities, and actively carry out the "Chinese Citizens' Domestic Tourism Civilization"

The Convention and the Guide to Civilized Behavior of Chinese Citizens in Outbound Tourism publicize and popularize civilized tourism knowledge and promote the improvement of the quality of tourism. Organize civilized tourism activities in combination with legal holidays and "China Tourism Day" to publicize tourism laws and regulations and common sense of civilized tourism to the general public. At the same time, through the establishment of tourism complaint hotline, well through the scenic area of the big screen in the process of tourism uncivilized behavior exposure.

The second is to strengthen management. More than 1000 copies of publicity materials, such as the tourism law, the Convention on civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in domestic tourism, the guide to civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in outbound tourism, and the proposal for civilized tourism, were distributed to all departments and tourists of the scenic spot, requiring the scenic spot to publicize civilized behavior to tourists. Strengthen the special training of civilized etiquette for tour guides and commentators, strengthen the role of tour guides in persuading civilized tourism in the process of leading the group, remind tourists at all times, put an end to uncivilized behavior in travel, and guide tourists to consciously abide by the Convention on civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in domestic tourism and outbound tourism of Chinese citizens

Guide to civilized behavior, the formation of a civilized travel propaganda and guidance of a strong atmosphere. Strengthen the norms and constraints, improve the pre-trip education and notification system of tour groups, and strengthen the responsibility of tour guides to remind and remind the civilized behavior of tour tolerance in the process of domestic tourism. Through industry self-discipline, strengthen travel agencies, tour guides take the initiative to assume the responsibility of civilized tourism publicity, service and guidance for tourists.

Three is good guidance. We will speed up the construction of tourism consulting service centers and all kinds of tourism signs and signs in an all-round way, requiring all services in the scenic area to comply with the operating norms, the service personnel to dress neatly, wear signs, use civilized language, take the initiative to be enthusiastic, treat guests politely, answer tourists' inquiries conscientiously and accurately, and all charges shall be publicly marked in accordance with the fees approved by the price management department. Set up civilized tourism propaganda slogans and warm reminders at prominent locations in each scenic spot to guide tourists to abide by civilized behavior norms and create civilized scenic spots.

The fourth is to carry out the "Civilized Table" action. In the hotel lobby, restaurants, guest rooms and other service places to set up "reasonable dining, rational consumption", "thrifty, refuse to waste", "save glorious, waste shameful" and other civilized prompts. While providing a civilized dining environment, the scenic spot should increase the training of civilized service for employees, guide tourists to popularize table etiquette, such as advocating not smoking during meals, not shouting loudly during meals, etc., advocating civilized table etiquette with food as the most important thing for the people and dining ceremony as the first, and creating a civilized etiquette atmosphere of "smiling service and respecting courtesy.

In short, through the in-depth development of a series of civilized tourism promotion activities, the tourism management behavior of the scenic spot has been standardized, and the safety of the employees and tourists in the scenic spot has been effectively improved.

The awareness of full prevention has achieved the purpose of improving service quality, boosting the popularity of tourism products, and attracting tourists to come for sightseeing.

In the next stage, Balagzong Scenic spot will continue to strengthen positive publicity, increase negative exposure, promote the normalization of publicity, take civilized travel as the starting point, and promote the improvement of the civilized quality of personnel and the civilization level of the whole scenic spot.

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