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Civilized tourism | summer has arrived, preferential tour of balagzong summer flowers enjoy good scenery!




Balagzong scenic spot brings a unique immersive tourism experience to the whole country, and offers a summer preferential tourism "invitation card".


Shangri-La Grand Canyon Balagzong Scenic Area Summer Tourism Preferential Policy Implementation Plan

This plan is specially formulated in response to the document requirements of the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Preferential Policies for Summer Vacation" issued by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

1. Offer Object

(I) national health care practitioners (health care qualification certificate identification).

(II) national in-service teachers (teacher qualification certificate identity certificate).

2. Offer Content

In addition to implementing preferential ticket policies for special groups such as active military personnel, the elderly, the disabled, students, and children in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state and local governments, the (I) implements Shangri-La Grand Canyon Balagzong Scenic Spot tickets are half-price preferential policy.

20% discount for some designated hotels in (II) scenic spots: Shuizhuang Hotel and Tibetan Ecological Hotel

3. discount time

2021July 21, year-October 31, 2009.


The correct way to open the summer vacation

Experience the real in Balagzon"Mountain Life"


Even if the mountain road is bumpy, I will still tell you that it is really worth your visit! The most natural and purest piece of pure land, the most peaceful and peaceful atmosphere, the kindness and sincerity of local residents and firm folk beliefs touch the depths of people's hearts.



This was once a secret realm where no one was involved.

This was once the place where the legendary gods lived.

Here is also the world to pursue the dream of Shambhala

Here... ..


summer tourism 

Summer Trip in the Mountains


@The Summer Mecca of Shangri-La


Give you 21 degrees of summer


As soon as you get off the bus, you can feel the cool breeze of the Balagzong Grand Canyon, and see the bustling travelers in the canyon, which instantly becomes very lively.

I heard that "here,You can experience four seasons in one day.", opened today's trip with a grain of salt.


The ticket office of Shuizhuang is the highest temperature in the scenic spot, and when you take the sightseeing bus of the scenic spot, you can experience different scenery and different temperature.


Travel: From the bottom up

Temperature: sharp drop from top to bottom


The picturesque scenery on both sides of the Gangqu River is eye-catching, intoxicating and suffocating. Under the soles of your feet is the rushing Gangqu River. Looking up is a landscape painting depicted in blue splash ink. Looking up along the rock wall, you can see the purest blue sky and white clouds, as if you have entered a secret world closest to heaven. Realm.


Who wouldn't like it here?

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the mountains of splashed ink and shedding jade are connected with the canyons of green and verdant. The streams in the valleys are turning and ringing. The vegetation along the river gradually woke up after a cold winter, with tender green buds swaying in the wind, and the canyons covered with verdant thatch, during which little yellow flowers peeked out from time to time.


Travelers who experience drifting have been walking along the winding plank road, stopping from time to time to take pictures with the mountains and rivers. To tell you the truth, if you want to find the best landscape background, it is Balag Zong. In fact, it is also the best location for travel photography and wedding photography. It is not like taking photos with the foot of Shika Snow Mountain on the Napa Sea grassland. You can take photos with different scenery in Balagazon.


Therefore, a warm reminder: you must bring more brewed clothes to enjoy different scenery.


If you like it too, please take your down jacket and go to Shambhala Pagoda for this season's summer. On the way to the Shambhala Pagoda, the scenery along the way is a visual feast.


The cableway hanging between the two mountains, the glass plank road attached to the rock wall, the combination of nature's uncanny craftsmanship and people's wisdom, brings an excellent sense of experience to travelers.


The ancient village halfway up the mountain is the most attractive scenic spot, with teahouses full of ghee fragrance, experience halls full of large and small earthenware, and museums with ancient utensils.

Ghee Teahouse and Zanba Exclusive Memory of Bala Village

Located in the village of Barra, the ghee teahouse is surrounded by mountains, and the indigo-colored mountains look very solemn against the blue sky and white clouds. The most attractive thing about Barra Village is not only the magnificent scenery on this isolated and clean area, but also the cultural customs.


Early in the morning, when the ghee tea house smoke rises, it began to sell a happy day. Here, surrounded by mountains, verdant vegetation, beautiful scenery, tasting a bowl of buttered tea in such a beautiful scenery, giving people a kind of extraordinary natural charm. A sip of butter tea and a bite of Zanba is a collision between taste and vision.


At noon, a large number of tourists flocked to Bala Village, and the owner of the teahouse began to get busy. The hot water, ghee, and tea were ready one by one, and they began to make butter tea. There are two kinds of tea in the teahouse for guests to choose from, one is sweet Tea, the other is salty tea. Tibetans in Shangri-La are generally used to drinking salty buttered tea, which is not only delicious but also has the effect of antifatigue. Buttered tea is also an extremely nutritious drink. People in Bala Village have their own customs. For example, when worshiping butter tea, they first offer it to the gods on the shrine, then pay attention to the order of the elders and the host and the guest, first the elders and the venerable, then the younger generation and the master themselves. In the first round, each person poured a little, meaning to give everyone the butter on it. In the second round, each person has a bowl and drinks it while blowing oil.

How to solve the homesickness

Only butter tea

Come to Bala village, listen to the early morning birdsong, fog sea is healing your soul, butter tea drinking tsampa is healing your stomach.


Tibetan National Expo | Old objects in old times tell of past lives

It is said that people who like old objects must love life very much.

Those who come here must be nostalgic for the old days and must have no resistance to those old objects. From the first floor to the third floor, old objects poured down from containers like waterfalls. Some precious photos were hung on the wall. The ancient village in the photos also had old schools, which evoked many childhood memories. If you want to understand the appearance of the houses in the ancient village of Barra Village, you must not miss this Tibetan National Expo.


Collector's White Pagoda | The wind of faith reincarnation under the prayer flags awakens the scriptures on each prayer flag.

The most dazzling thing in Bala Village is the white tower standing at the entrance of the village, surrounded by prayer flags, the morning breeze blowing mulberry smoke and prayer flags, mulberry smoke, prayer flags flying, time flowing quietly, everything is just right. When you stand in Bala Village and look up at the Ge Zong Snow Mountain, the mountain is unfolded in front of your eyes, without any shelter, and seems to be within reach.

At the white pagoda at the entrance of the village, the villagers will take out the mulberry items that have been prepared already on weekdays or when there are major events, burn incense devoutly, and pray for the blessing of the sacred mountain. Watching the prayer streamers in an unprecedented quiet, watching the cigarette float quietly over the spire of the white tower.


People chanted sutras loudly in front of the sacred mountain. In the long and simple chanting, the old people, young people and children in the village all surrounded the white tower and turned clockwise. The firewood burned quickly, and the white powder mixed with butter, highland barley powder, milk residue, etc. was also scattered into the fire. Smoke rose and drifted to the sky with the sound of "whispering" chanting. In the echoes of the surrounding mountains, the newly hung prayer flags dance in the wind.

If you also come here, be sure to remember to pray in front of the White Tower and take it home safely.


Summer vacation parent-child tourism

The scenery is introduced as above, and what I want to share with you most now is accommodation!

About where to live? How about the experience? How cost-effective? Watch this video and let you know in advance.


Shangri-La Balagzong Snow Mountain Ice Spring Health Manor


The Snow Mountain Ice Spring Health Manor sits on the first peak of Shangri-La. The Geszong Snow Mountain is hidden in the forest. The Geszong Snow Mountain is its background, hidden in the forest, and above it is Balacho Malakan for devout Buddhist believers to worship. Snow Mountain Ice Spring Health Manor is a sanctimonious area that provides a more efficient travel experience for in-depth travelers.




Shangri-La Balagzong Snow Mountain Worship Yangxin Manor


Snow Mountain pilgrimage Yangxin Manor overlooking the panoramic view of the snow mountain, which can be described as the snow mountain when the window is opened. Its location is in the village of Barra, an ancient village for thousands of years. Combined with the strong Tibetan culture, it shows the uniqueness of the snow mountain worship Yangxin manor. "I heard that the most beautiful scenery is at the highest place." If you want to see Zhuo Malakan in the mist and the ethereal clouds at the bottom of the snow-capped mountains, and feel the refreshing wind of the plateau, you can go here, which is also the summer resort of Shangri-La.



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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.