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Civilized travel harmonious tourism


civilized travel harmonious tourism

1. civilization of words and deeds

1.Be polite, know etiquette, attach importance to etiquette, raise your hand appropriately and generously, and communicate gracefully and politely.

2.No spitting and chewing gum, no littering, no defecation.

3.Do not smoke in non-smoking places, do not take photos in places with no-photo signs, do not climb objects prohibited from climbing, do not set foot in places prohibited from getting involved, and do not cross green spaces that are not suitable for trampling.

4.Keep order in public places, not crowded, not noisy, line up to observe order, not lying on public seats.

5.Not forced to take photos with people, not long-term occupation of public facilities, respect for the labor of service personnel, respect for the religious customs of all ethnic groups.

6.The clothing is neat and beautiful, not open-chested, not unkempt, not taking off shoes in public places, and choosing suitable clothes according to tourism projects and places.

2. Accommodation Civilization

1.Pay attention to order when staying in the hotel, do not scramble, do not make loud noises, and do not smoke in the non-smoking lobby.

2.Respect the waiter, respond kindly when the waiter asks, and pay attention to maintaining the facilities, equipment, cleanliness and hygiene of guest rooms and public spaces.

3.Be courteous, courteous to the elderly, the elderly, the disabled and women, and take care of children.

4.When eating buffet, choose the right amount of food, take less if you are not familiar with it, use up the food and beverage as much as possible, and do not speak loudly to maintain the hygiene of the food and beverage.


3. traffic civilization

1.RideTourist BusWhen, comity, take care of the elderly, the weak, the sick, the disabled, the young, pregnant women and those who hold children, take the initiative to give up their seats and ask others to give up their seats.

2.When taking the sightseeing bus, don't be late so as not to let others wait and delay the itinerary. Young tourists try to sit in the back of the car and give the front seats to the elderly, women and children.

4. sightseeing civilization

1.Pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment, do not trample on green space, climb flowers and fruits, do not chaseM, throwing and randomly feedingWildAnimals.

2.Protect cultural relics and historic sites, do not paint, climb or touch cultural relics at will, and take photos and videos to comply with regulations.

3.Throw the peel, paper scraps, sundries and other wastes into the trash can, do not throw them on the ground or throw them into the pool, and pay attention to the classification of garbage.

4.When taking photos in scenic spots, you should take the initiative to be humble, do not compete, and do not hinder others from taking photos. Please thank others for helping you take photos.

5.For the convenience of others, such as traveling through winding paths orPlank roadAt the same time, we should take the initiative to make way for the old, weak, women and children and not rush to take the lead.

6.Visiting the museum,Tibetan Culture Expo Center, scenic villages, to abide by the ban on smoking, ban flash photography and other regulations, do not touch exhibits, cultural relics and other artifacts.


5. entertainment civilization

1.Promote healthy entertainment, resist feudal superstition activities, and reject pornography, gambling and drugs.

2.Don't make disorderly comments, respect the actors, applaud and thank them at the end of the program, and stand up and applaud when the cast and crew call at the end of the whole performance. Actors should understand if they make mistakes, and should not heckle, whistle or applaud.

3.The Convention on Civilized Behavior in Tourism creates a civilized and harmonious tourism environment, which is related to the vital interests of every tourist.

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