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Danba "Beauty Valley" of Tibetan Beauty (Group Photo)


This is Danba "Beauty Valley"


Kangding's men, Danba's beauties, Kangding's men are as good as mountains, and Danba's beauties are as beautiful as water. It is recognized by the world that Danba has produced beauties, especially from Danba Beauty Valley. It is said that Danba beauties are descendants of the Xixia royal family. It may also have something to do with its geographical environment, climate, soil and water, and race. Maybe there are other reasons. If you are interested, you may as well go and see for yourself.


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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.