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Jiarong Tibetan Clothing


Jiarong Tibetan clothing and clothes are mostly made of self-produced cattle and wool, which are hung into threads and then woven into carpets, or sewn with self-produced linen. Men's clothing called "big collar shirt". Cuff size surplus, lower turn slit high, no collar, material 8-9 meters. Each button is additionally sewn with a small red cloth strip 3cm long by one finger. Women wear short shirts and hundred-fold skirts with a blue apron or a black apron with gold lace at the waist, and a self-woven floral belt at the waist. The hair is braided into two foot braids with wigs and hairlines. A black turban folded into six layers is placed on the head and tied tightly with braids. The turban is hemmed with a five-color thread. Embroidered into various patterns. A red or other color border about 10cm wide should be sewn on the lapel.

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.