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Kangba Women's Clothing


"Kang" means frontier, "Ba" means human, and "Kang Ba" means people in Kang District.

Kangba clothing is also unique, mainly including Tibetan robes, sleeveless waistcoat, waistcoat, robe skirt, long cloth shirt, etc. I like to wear traditional Tibetan boots at my feet. The hats are most popular with calendula, hat and fox fur hat. Men and women are decorated with different colors, shapes and patterns from head to toe. They are generally made of gold, silver, agate, coral, pine ear stone and other fine work. The most expressive of the Kangba people is the female headdress. Many people who have been to Kang District say that they cannot judge their wealth by the furnishings of Kangba Tibetans, and only by seeing the headwear of the hostess can they make a judgment. Men's clothing mainly reflects the majestic and loose and comfortable attire. The men in Kang District tie a heroic knot to show their bravery, thick and bold, and show their bravery in their wealth, which fully shows the style of Kangba men. Clothing varies from place to place in Kang District. Generally, people in that area can be judged according to their clothing. There is an old folk song that is sung in praise:

"Although I am not from Qamdo, I know the decoration of Qamdo. The decoration of Qamdo wants me to talk about it. The copper belt is looped around the waist and the harmonica is hung;

Although I am not from Gongjue, I know Gongjue decoration. Gongjue decoration wants me to talk about it. Xiang Shu threw three strings on his chest;

Although I am not from Dege, I know Dege decoration. Dege decoration wants me to say that the pearl on the top of my head is a golden lotus hug;

Although I am not a Hoko person, I know Hoko decoration. Hoko decoration wants me to say that the red and green belt is full of waist;

I am not a Dado, Dado decoration I know, Dado decoration wants me to say, red rope tied around the head;

Although I am not from Litang, I know Litang decoration. Litang decoration wants me to talk about it. The hair is made of silver plates;

I am not from Batang. I know Batang decoration. Batang decoration wants me to talk about it. Silver thread is wrapped around my forehead;

Although I am not from Yanjing, I know about Yanjing decoration. Yanjing decoration requires me to talk about it. My head is covered with wind and my waist is hanging with a knife.

I am not from Changtai. I know Changtai decoration. Changtai decoration wants me to talk about it. Bago has a bright hair."

The colorful Kangba Tibetan costumes have a long history and distinctive national characteristics. They are a unique practical art and cultural and artistic crystallization created by the Kangba people living in the eastern part of the Tibetan area, which embodies its creator-The infinite wisdom, creativity, artistic accomplishment and aesthetic taste of the Tibetan people.

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