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Hiking on the snowy plateau, exploring the beauty of Balagzong


Preface-Encounter Balagh Sect

I stand closest to heaven

STAND UP I touch the stars

STAND UP dream is not a fantasy

As the song goes, stand.Shangri-LaThe place closest to heaven, looking up at the starry sky at night, it seems that the dream is no longer far away. Blue sky, green water, white clouds, snow-capped mountains, starry sky and grassland can give you everything you want to relax. The busy urban life makes you tired. You always want to escape from reality and go to the depths of the secret land. Come to Balag Zong. This is the most shining pearl on the snow-covered plateau. This is the paradise in the Buddhist world. This is the heaven and earth. Away from the hustle and bustle, to the natural oxygen bar here to breatheFreshAir, let's have a walk-and-go, relaxing trip.



Make a wish-under the bodhi tree

Buddha said: Looking back 500 times in the previous life, it was only in return for passing by in this life. After a short meeting, I fell in love with this place, which shows that my fate with Balagzon has been looked back more than 500 times.


"Bodhi is not a tree, and a mirror is not a platform. There is nothing in the first place, so where is the dust." In the world where there is Buddha, there is Bodhi. A cliff close to the Tibetan ecological hotel in the scenic spot has grown for thousands of years.PhoenixBodhi TreeThe branches spread hundreds of meters above the canyon, which is very sacred. Every day, many devout Buddhists come to this tree to offer hada to pray for good weather in people's lives. Bodhi in the "Sanskrit" called "Jaeshi", by the devout Buddhists as a holy tree, extremely revered. Legend has it that Buddha Sakyamuni made a positive fruit under the bodhi tree.


There is a branch like bergamot, full of vicissitudes of life, five fingers clearly, stretched out to the stone cracks in the wall holding the U-shaped valley, guarding the homes of the people in the mountains for generations, shining through the ages.16.JPG

This millennium phoenix bodhi tree bears fruit four times a year. It only bears fruit and does not blossom. It is very magical.
Hiking-Canyon Boardwalk


Shangri-LaThe Grand Canyon is also called "Balagzong", which is located more than 80 kilometers northwest of Shangri-La County. Because one end of the canyon is called "Shangge" and the other end is called "Lira", it is named Shangri-La Grand Canyon. It is said that the "Blue Moon Canyon" mentioned in the book "Lost Horizon" is here. The canyon is magnificent, with gorges in the gorge, gorges on the gorge, criss-crossing, and gorges connected to each other are its typical geomorphological features.


2.5km long canyonwooden plank roadChiseled in the mountainside, along the gangQuheExtending downstream, walking on the plank road is like a continuous canyon gallery.29.JPGThe surging river beat the canyon with clear rock formations.Stone WallIn good weather, Gangqu River can experience it.DriftingProject oh.31.JPG
The typical vertical three-dimensional climate makes the vegetation here rich and diverse, with all kinds of exotic flowers and plants growing, adding a touch of color to the already beautiful gallery. As long as there are cracks in the canyon, there is vegetation, symbolizing the tenacious vitality of the Tibetans.25.JPG
The small heart-shaped reef is like a turquoise sprinkled by God inlaid on a long green belt, dazzling.36.JPG
There are many at the end of the hiking plank road.Mani heapEvery stone condenses the prayer of believers from the heart.
Listen-Tibetan Songs and Dances


Tibetans are born to be song and dance elves. There is a saying in the local area: if you can walk, you can dance, and if you can talk, you can sing. It is true that every Tibetan friend you meet can come for a while, and remember to leave here at last.Shangri-LaWhen I was in the county seat, the Tibetan driver did not forget to show us his singing voice while driving.


Watching the song and dance performance and serving snacks ^_^7.JPG
May 1 was the first music festival of the Balag General, and the scenic spot invited many Tibetan singers, some of them also very famous predecessors, zidanbu, Qiongxuzhuo Ma, Suolang Tashi, Dowakaiji, Gesang Qilin, Snow Lotus, Zahi Nima, Langkatso, Rongzhongerjia, Yang Jin Zizhuo, Xia Wu Jia, Snow Mountain Langma, Genga, Zong Yong Zhuoma, Tashi Dunzhu, Zhuoma Zaichu, Shambala, Jinzhu Zhuoma,YadongWait. How many do you know? The loud Tibetan songs echoing through the canyons, the absolute voice of China.1.JPG
A Tibetan girl listened attentively to the performance on the stage.3.JPGThe Tibetan compatriots cheered and cheered for their favorite actors.8.JPG
In the Shangri-La Grand Canyon, 8000 people gathered together to enjoy a visual and auditory feast.
Taste-Tibetan cuisine

Tibetan compatriots warm and simple hospitality, good wine and meat hospitality, full of satisfaction and happiness.








Under the snowy Shambhala pagoda and the snow mountain of Gedong, a dusty story is being told here, just outside the window.QuheThe source is calling for a long time. The beauty of Balagzon must be worth your personal experience. I think I will come here again to explore more stories here.

Practical Travel TIPS

1. Snow mountain is a sacred mountain. You can't point at it with one finger. You need to point at it with your palm and your palm facing up.

2. The climate in the plateau area is dry, the skin is easy to sunburn, and the mouth is easy to dry and crack. Please do a good job of sun protection when visiting.

3. Scenic buses are generally equipped with oxygen tanks for emergencies. If you have a high-risk friend, please take Hongjing in advance before departure.Tian et alPrevention of high anti-drugs.

4. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so do a good job in keeping out the cold. The weather forecast in the mountains is not very accurate, and raincoats are also necessary.

5. fromShangri-LaThere are many detours on the road from the county seat to the scenic spot. It is easy to get carsick. Remember to bring carsick medicine.
6. Pay attention to safety when hiking in the canyon and pay attention to falling rocks at any time.

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.