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Balagzon-a journey to touch the heart


an unexpected harvest

I 've heard a lot about Balagzon.Name, I just haven't had a chance to go, take it this timeMeili Snow MountainThe opportunity to turn the mountain, by the way to Balagzon to play. Sure enough, going to Balagzon, there was an extraordinary harvest.


The Balagzong scenic spot is magnificent, and when you enter the scenic spot, you will have a shocking feeling. While being shocked by its momentum, it also attracts you like a magic spell. You want to get into it as soon as possible.


Balagzon has not been developed before is almost isolated, see is the original ecological landscape, known as the lastShangri-La. The scenic area is surprisingly grand, majestic and mysterious color! Snow mountain, canyon,plateau lake,AlpineRanch, natural stupa, millenniumBodhi Tree, Bala Village and other scenery are all attractive, rich in vegetation,strange stoneSagged, have to sigh nature's uncanny workmanship!

One of the scenic spots, Shuizhuang

Before I went, I was worried that the road would not be easy to walk, but my worries were superfluous. I was very carefree when I drove smoothly on the newly repaired asphalt road.


Haven't to the scenic spot, was deeply attracted by the scenery along the road. From a distance, a "Stone Guanyin" stands on the cliff, as if welcoming guests from afar.


Balagzong Water Village Reception Center is the gate to Balagzong Scenic Area and the only one to enter the scenic area.Channel, compared to the old state of qinHangu PassIt's even worse! There are steep cliffs on both sides, and the Shuizhuang Reception Center is deep in the bottom of the valley, so I got off to see it. It is really shocking to see such a scenery!

Shuizhuang Grand Hotel


Buddha Sakyamuni is because inBodhi TreeUnder the practice of Tao, so the bodhi tree is known as the "sacred tree". On the left side of Shuizhuang Reception Center, there is a thousand-year-old bodhi tree with strong vitality and branches covered with rock walls.


This bodhi tree has a history of thousands of years. Its root is like a palm, abruptly inserted into a stone crack. This is the famous bodhi tree bergamot.


There is a scripture hall on the side of the bodhi tree. When devout believers come here, they will worship Buddha and pray in the scripture hall covered by the bodhi tree.


Play attractions two, crisscross the canyon

There is a gorge in the gorge, there is a gorge on the gorge, the gorge is connected, criss-crossing is a major feature of the Balagzong scenic area. famousShangri-LaGrand CanyonIt isUnited StatesNovelist James Hilton in the "Lost Horizon," a book chronicling the blueMoon GorgeValley.

1. Shangri-La Grand Canyon


The Shangri-La Grand Canyon, with cliffs on both sides, is magical and steep, which makes people daunting. I have to sigh the uncanny workmanship of nature. The rock walls and vegetation are layered to form a vivid gallery!


2.Tongtian Gorge   

Tongtian Gorge is like a deep valley cut by water flow. The distance between the mountains on both sides of the gorge is similar, and the cliff is like a curtain, reaching as high as kilometers. Because the canyon is too deep and narrow, the bottom of the valley looks gloomy and dark, just like marching in the magic path of underground purgatory, looking up from the bottom of the valley, the cliffs on both sides support a line of blue sky.


Tongtian Gorge Yarn Waterfall


moon-shapedA line of days



Steep plank road


3. Palm Gorge

Wild mountain palms are found only in the tropics, however, inJinsha RiverNorth of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau alpine vegetation area is impossible to find its trace, is very rare!.


Three thousand-year-old village-Bala Village

The village of Barra is a historically isolatedMillennium VillageFalling. more than 1,300 years ago,BatangThe hero of the region, Snadoji, was brave and good at fighting, and won the widespread awe of the surrounding chiefs. However, suffering from the fatigue and helplessness brought by the war, Snadoji finally decided to give up his wealth and led his people to this isolated land of hope to create a home. There is a moving legend of Shambhala, full of rich Tibetan culture and local ethnic customs.


To the village of BarraPanshanHighway


Barra Village at the Foot of the Snow Mountain in Gezong


Watchman Bala VillageWhite Tower


It is because of his perseverance that the Bala Zong scenic spot can be shown to the world.


Visit Attractions 5, Balagzon Snow Mountain

The tall and straight peak like a pyramid is Balagzon Snow Mountain, with an altitude of 5545 meters. It isShangri-LaThe first peak.

Ge Zong Snow Mountain is also known as "Ge Zong Bambansong" or "Ge Zong Bumbansong", which means the three sisters of Ge Zong and is Kawag.BoshanDaughter of God, to be marriedGonggaThe Shenshan family made the wife of "Gongga Bansong" (Gongga Three Princes).

In the Year of the Goat in the Tibetan calendar, when the three beautiful princesses came to Barra with countless treasures and musical instruments accompanied by their attendants, it was already bright, and the shy three princesses stayed in Barra from then on, becoming the three main peaks on the snowy mountain of Gezong and the sacred mountain of believers.


Visit attractions six, natural pagoda

The natural pagoda is the main landscape of the Balag Sect Scenic Area. My ultimate goal is to find the legendary "Pagoda". The effort paid off, and finally came to the "natural pagoda". Although I have no faith, but see the sacred pagoda towering in the sky, my heart is sincerely moved! involuntarily to the pagoda devout worship.

Visit attractions seven, flower seawall, Nidang pasture, plateau lakes

Nedang Ranch is a summer grazing and summer resort for Bala Village people. It is not only sparsely populated, but also has charming meadows, which is a paradise for outdoor tourism.


Every June and July, azaleas bloom, forming a sea of flowers!

Around the sacred mountain of Balagzon, there are eighteen plateau holy lakes, large and small, which are clear, transparent, clean and sacred. Legend has it that they were turned into by a vanity lens accidentally broken when she was grooming on the plateau.

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.