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Four-day tour of Shangri-La and Dali (April 29-May 2, 2016)(2) Tibetan Culture Museum of Balagzon and Shambhala


All right, let's start our second travel note... I forgot to say in the previous article that it doesn't take a whole day to visit Songzanlin Temple. If you are not too tired, you can make an appointment for a Tibetan home visit in the evening. The local quotation is 100 yuan per person, which can be mentioned below 80. How much it can be reduced depends on one's ability. All major platforms on the Internet can also be booked, but attention should be paid to whether to pick up or not, including which foods, and compare prices by themselves.

Shangri-LaCommunication is not very convenient, only 3G signal coverage, just bear it, fortunately the hotel has WIFIPay attention to sunscreen and don't say much. You will understand after several sunburns... The worst thing is, having a meal there is too expensive!!! will sayYunnanIf you can pretend to be from other places, don't dress up like tourists if you can pretend to be local residents. It can really save a lot of money. (inLijiangIn the ancient city, the prices of local shops are different,Shangri-LaWhat's more, big supermarkets offer different prices... personally experienced)

May 1BarraGe Zong
!!! Tickets and tickets must be booked one day in advance (before 10 pm the day before departure) and purchasedBarraThere are two channels for sightseeing through train in gezong scenic spot: ticket agency of ancient city north gate scenic spot and Ctrip reservation. (Departure around 9 o'clock. The specific time depends on how long other tourists need to wait. Return at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and drive for more than an hour.) The price is $50 per person. If you want to play on your own, you can charter 300 yuan. (There are restrictions on time and scenic spots for individual visitors, and there are no restrictions on free travel)
Tickets 150 yuan/person, student tickets can be purchased; 60 yuan/person for sightseeing bus inside the scenic spot.
Note: There are also drifting projects in the scenic area. (Because May Day isBarraGe Zong's first Tibetan music festival, the scenic spot did not sell tickets on that day, there was no drifting project, so it was not explained in detail)
Here.BarraThe website of Ge Zong Scenic Area is (There is a hotel in the scenic area, but there is no snack stall for the time being. It takes a long time to play. It is recommended to bring water and your own dog food ~

(I didn't expect someone to read my travel notes. I was so tired yesterday that I accidentally sent them before finishing the code, wasting your feelings, sorry ~)
Then code up...

Three places to visit:


(the opposite isBarraGe Zong Snow Mountain)
                                              2.Shangri-LaGrand Canyon (2.5km back and forth)

3. Tongtian Gorge (1.5km back and forth plank road)

(Friends with small vital capacity climb slowly and are a little tired)

According to the Internet, there is also a hiking route to see more in-depth scenery, but it requires strong outdoor experience to go. (You can join those outdoor clubs to go with)

Let's have some pictures.

The weather is bad, I can only shoot this level with Android phone...
When I went to 214 national highway, I was surprised by the road danger and roadside scenery because I had never seen the world.

At this point, it reminds me of the 32 turns I passed when I took the sightseeing bus up the mountain. The driver is very skilled!!! Please accept disciples ~

It is really not easy to fix such a road to the outside world!!! So just push oneBarraThe story of the construction of Ge Zong scenic spot... (Although the tour guide will say it again, I still want to come out because of willfulness ~)

"I am the child of the mountain"
One day, "rich man" Snadin Zhu decidedKunmingA small restaurant rewarded itself with a plate of fried meat, a bowl of tomato and egg soup and a bowl of rice. When the vegetable meal was served, the young Kangba man suddenly cried-his family couldn't even eat a bowl of highland barley noodles... "It was a meal of tears mixed with rice." The story of Snadin's self-made start-up, inDiqingTibetan areas are widely circulated.
In 1964, Sna Dingzhu was inBarraWhen the village was born, the villagers mostly made a living by hunting and planting highland barley and corn, and often did not have enough to eat. The post road less than one meter wide on the cliff of the canyon is their only contact with the outside world.ChannelA trip from the village.Shangri-LaCounty need to walk more than 4 days. The post road is difficult and dangerous. If you are not careful, you will fall into the galloping Gangqu River. Some people are seriously ill, and they are carried by young adults to take the post road to the doctor. They often have no return, and some even die on the way.
The Snadingzhu family has six brothers and sisters, and their days are even more stretched. They have to borrow money to make ends meet. As his eldest brother, he dropped out of school to farm at home. Sometimes he went to the field to dig out the potato seeds he had just planted and secretly buried them in the fire pond to burn for his younger brothers and sisters to eat. Once, a two-year-old sister mistakenly thought that food could be found in the fireplace at any time. she reached out to catch it and was burned. she still has scars.
"At that time, supply and marketing cooperatives and screening teams were the 'relatives' we looked forward to most. They were once or twice a year. Flashlight isBarraThe "high-tech" products that people come into contact with are specially wrapped in a cowhide case, which is extremely cherished." When he was 10 years old, Snading Pearl was tied to his waist with a rope by his father. For the first time, he walked out of the canyon through the narrow post road and reached the county seat. Looking at the "wide" sandy road and cars he had never seen before, he had a dream of walking out of the mountains.
The agitation of the teenager was severely criticized by his father: it is shameful not to farm and support his parents at home! "There are people in the village who work better than you, but he still can't change his destiny. I want to go out." Thirteen-year-old Snadin choked his father speechless. He took the 35 yuan travel expenses raised by his father everywhere, carried crystal stone on his back in a shabby pocket, carried the reputation of "bad boy", climbed the cliff, and walked along the Gangqu River without hesitation.
Toss and turnShangri-La,Dali,Kunming,Guangzhou,Shanghai, Sinadin beads sold crystal stones, cordyceps, and then shipped back tape recorders, tapes, rubber shoes, new sportswear, bicycles, etc.Yunnan, following the country market stall sales, earn a considerable difference. From never speaking Chinese to speaking fluent Mandarin, he slowly adapted to the outside world; from setting up stalls to bulk wholesale agents, he won the trust of more big businesses with honesty and integrity, and his business grew bigger and bigger.
Sna Dinzhu openedDiqingThe state's first hardware machinery store and the first mutton hotpot city have accumulated tens of millions of yuan in wealth and brought their parentsShangri-LaCounty residence. However, whenever I think of the closed and backward hometown, I think of more still being "closed".BarraThe folks in the Grand Canyon of Ge Zong, the rich Snadingzhu, always felt that life was not comfortable. The Kangba man began to "dream": "I want to giveBarraPeople build an asphalt road!"
"Being rich does not mean being rich. If I live my life like this and don't go back to my hometown, my life will be in vain." He explained his actions this way.
Building roads, multimillionaires become "billionaires"
"To build a roadBarraThe canyons of gezon were developed,BarraPeople who travel together to get rich can realize my dream." The fate of Snadin is doomed to be relatedBarraThe people's way is connected.
To build a road on the cliffs of the canyon is a pipe dream. The warm-blooded Snadin was opposed and even ridiculed, including by his family.
Describe the future roads and tourism to the villagers, and some people fell asleep; group after group of designers came, surveyed the terrain, shook their heads and left; batch after batch of construction teams came, and the excavators were difficult to gain a foothold. Sighed and left.
"The design and construction teams can't do it, I'll do it myself!" He surveyed the terrain and designed the construction route himself. He walked about 40000 kilometers in two years to survey the terrain and explore the road construction skills at the cliff, deep turn and 90-degree sharp turn.
In order to raise money for road construction, he sold the restaurants and hardware stores he had operated for many years, as well as houses and cars.Shangri-LaAll the banks and credit companies, borrowed all the friends and family.Shangri-LaThere is a street shop in the county seat, he borrowed it next to it; a credit company, he ran 50 times, and finally got support.
In order to build roads, he once owed more than 0.1 billion yuan in debt, and the former multimillionaire became a billionaire "negative".
September 10, 2004, from 214 National RoadBarraThe construction of the road in the village has finally started. The road, which is 6.5 meters wide and 35 kilometers long, passes through four Tibetan villages. Flats in the canyon
Economic crops are rare and precious, and all have to be negotiated by Sna Dingzhu. He has worn out his mouth, making maximum concessions and striving for understanding and support. Some older women thought he was cheating and spit in his face. He wiped his face with his hand and said with a smile: "Empress, don't do this, we will discuss it slowly."
Regardless of the sun and rain, Sna Dingzhu insists on supervising and guiding the construction line, saving every penny and tamping every section of the roadbed.
In 2007, he raised another 7 million yuan to erect a 34.8-kilometer-long 10-kilovolt transmission and transformation line from the top of the bridgeBarraThe village has solved the problem of electricity for production and living in more than 50 households and scenic spots in 4 villages along the route.
The road was digging day by day, but the father who had sent him out of the mountain was ill. When the road is about to be repairedBarraWhen I was in the village, my old father insisted on going to see it. At the end of 2007, father Wangdui stoodBarraVillage, looking at the winding road like sheep's intestines to the door of his hometown, he patted Sna Dingzhu on the shoulder with his thick hand, saying nothing, with happy tears hanging from the corners of his eyes, enjoying glory and pride in advance. "That was my happiest moment." Sna Dingzhu recalled.
Shortly after his father died, on January 1, 2008,BarraThe village ushered in a historic moment: the road is open! The high voltage is on! The phone's on!
"We sang and danced, and presented the white hada to Snarding Pearl." Villager Group LeaderLausanneBlowing criticism said that some people took out boiled eggs and gave them to Sna Dingzhu. They did not know how to express their feelings. Some people kept calling relatives and friends to experience the magic of modern communication. Some people kept pressing the light switch to enjoy the beauty of instantly lighting up the mountain village. "At that moment, I shed tears." Stranding Zhu described it this way.Successof joy.
(fromBarraGe Zong scenic spot official website)

A lot of beauty in the world can only be realized by oneself to know how beautiful it is, whether it is humanity or nature...
Man will conquer the heavens!
Feel it before it is destroyed...

I returned to the north gate of the ancient city at 4: 00 p.m. because I was in a hurry.Dali, took the last flight (18:30)XiaguanThe shuttle. (Six hours by car, price: 90 4 insurance) Most people will choose to return to the route.LijiangAt that time, I took some train information and deleted it.
I found the website with more detailed train number and this is the
Tel: 0887-8223501
(A lot of WeChat push bullshit strategy, how many years ago the information ah, a little drunk...)

In the case of time, can go to incenseBarraThe visit to the Tibetan Culture Museum is a little expensive, more than 70. There is also a national performance here, which can be booked online, which is more expensive, more than 200. (Route 1, Route 3 is available)

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.