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The Balagh Sect of the Heart


I seldom send travel notes. I went there this time.BarraGe Zong, I want to express my feelings!

just arrivedShangri-LaWhen I was young, I didn't know where to go to play. I felt very happy when I saw the blue sky and white clouds, the wide grassland and the holy white tower.Shangri-LaSure enough, it is worthy of its reputation. Everywhere is beautiful scenery, and it also has an indescribable mystery.

Wandered around in the ancient city of Dukezong; wander around in the unique Tibetan-style buildings, leisurely, at ease!

In the Guishan Park in the ancient city, there is the world's largest sutra turning cylinder, turning three times, can bring good luck!

    Shangri-LaThe county seat is very beautiful, with few cars and few people. The buildings on both sides of the street are Tibetan-style, and there is a strong "Tibetan flavor" everywhere ".

Life in the city is bland, but toShangri-LaThere is a mysterious atmosphere that has always attracted you.

After playing all around, I came to Songzanlin Temple.

Songzanlin Temple, known as the "Little Potala Palace", is very religious and sacred in the eyes of devout believers.

Overlooking from Songzanlin Temple, I saw a grassland in the distance, which was very attractive, so I decided to go somewhere.

What is amazing is that there is a large lake on the edge of the grassland, with grass, water, and flocks of yaks, which can run on horses.

Yila GrasslandNapaSea view area

Here is heaven, really want to put their own still in this piece of grass, regardless!

Play all overShangri-LaSurrounding, Ben wanted to end up on his ownShangri-LaThe trip. However, in the ancient city of Dukezong but inadvertently sawBarraGe Zong tourist consultation point, that is, my curiosity contributed to my relationshipBarraThe fate of the gizon.

Just arrivedBarraGezong Shuizhuang Reception Center, seeing the vertical cliffs on both sides deep into the sky, while Shuizhuang Reception Center is hidden deep in the bottom of the valley, there is a shock to the heart.

Enter the scenic spot and arrive.Shangri-LaThe Grand Canyon is said to be the "Blue Moon Canyon" in the book "Lost Horizon".

Sure enough, this is the most beautiful canyon I have ever seen, narrow and secluded.

There are gorges in the gorge, and there are gorges on the gorge, criss-crossing, and the gorges are connected.

Both sides are cliffs, and the vegetation on the cliffs is layered with the rock, forming a wonderful gallery.

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.