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Dream into Shangri-La, hidden into Balagzon


If you always yearn for the natural landscape and the simple life in Tibetan areas, then you may as well go"BarraGe Zong "take a walk, look at the age-old people and horses post road, walk through the sky canyon that has not been artificially modified, or in a thousand yearsPhoenixUnder the bodhi tree, the natural landscape here will definitely fascinate you.


This was once a realm where no one was involved. It is a legendary god.XianjuThe place to live is Shambhala that the world is looking for, and this is "out of the world."Taoyuan"-Balagzon. In the past, there was only one post road leading to the outside world. I was extremely excited to see such a post road.

A mysterious canyon, a beautiful section of the sky road.

The Balagzong Grand Canyon has a unique vertical three-dimensional climate "one mountain is divided into four seasons". The scenic spots are dominated by the Grand Canyon, with many side valleys on both sides, which complement the mountain's strange flowers and plants and strange vines. From here, we can feel the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Here is the heavenly road to the divine world.

Bodhi is not a tree, nor is a mirror a platform. Originally nothing, where to provoke dust."

The bodhi tree has a guardian deity, called the bodhi tree god. Tibetan Buddhism believes that the bodhi tree embodies various virtues, which can make people realize their wishes and free themselves from guilt, protect all living beings and realize their wishes through the ages.


If I can, I would like to be a carefree and secluded person who lives in seclusion and grows old with the morning and night · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


Be a girl with depth, a female rascal with temper, and a lady with education.

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.