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Shangri-La Balag Zong Tiger Leaping Gorge Two-Day Tour


First Day: Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge (AAAA Scenic Spot)-Moonlight Ancient City-Stay in Hotel

From 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. (the tour guide's notification time shall prevail), set off by bus (about 2 hours by bus) and arrive at the world-famous canyon: Tiger Leaping Gorge (ticket 65 yuan/person) to experience the depth, danger, beauty and beauty of the canyon (about 1 hour by bus). After the visit, go to Huleaping Gorge Zhenjiang Village Baiwei Garden Restaurant for lunch. After the meal, take a bus to Shangri-La, visit Shangri-La Tianyou Handicraft Development Co., Ltd. (Sangda Tibetan Village), visit Moonlight Ancient City and touch the world's largest sutra roller. Play for about 40 minutes. After dinner, take part in Tibetan home visits for about 1 hour and 30 minutes (enjoy Tibetan songs and dances, taste Tibetan special snacks: roast chicken, highland barley wine, milk residue, buttered tea) and stay in the hotel.

Day 2: Shangri-La Grand Canyon Balagzon Scenic Area

After breakfast at 7:00, take a bus to the hinterland of the world natural heritage "three parallel rivers" [Shangri-La Grand Canyon Balagzong Scenic Area (Barra Village, Shangri-La Grand Canyon). After arriving at the scenic area, take a sightseeing bus to Barra Village, touch the footprints of the thousand-year-old Kangba tribe, experience the thousand-year-old migration culture, experience in Barra-old folk valley, enjoy the majestic scenery of the Shangri-La Grand Canyon.

Shangri-La Grand Canyon Balagzong Scenic Area was awarded the title of "International Tourism Ace Scenic Area" by the World Tourism Boao Summit International Organization on April 26, 2009; it was named International AAAA Scenic Area in the same year. After the visit, take a bus to Jufulou Restaurant or Lanxiang Restaurant in Shangri-La County for dinner. After the meal, take a bus back to Lijiang. On the way back to Lijiang, visit the four exhibition areas of Tubo Tibetan Culture Manor (Mingu Pavilion, Tea Horse Ancient Road Exhibition Area, Native Medicinal Materials Exhibition Area, Tibetan Mastiff Garden Exhibition Area), and continuously descend about 100 kilometers to Diqing Tourism Comprehensive Service Station for vehicle safety inspection, oil, circuit (about 30 minutes), after the inspection, return to Lijiang by bus to end the pleasant trip to Shangri-La Balagzon Canyon.

1. Fees include: scenic spot tickets, Shangri-La Grand Canyon Balagzong Scenic Area sightseeing fare, accommodation, meals, fare, oxygen, cold protection clothing, Tibetan home visits, tour guide service fee, Yunnan tourism combination insurance.

2. This trip is an air-conditioned tour bus (one person, one seat)

3. One store per day for this trip: Shangri-La Tianyou Handicraft Development Co., Ltd. (Sanda Tibetan Village) on the first day, and four exhibition areas of Tubo Tibetan Culture Manor (Folk Museum, Tea-Horse Ancient Road Exhibition Area, Raw Material Exhibition Area and Mastiff Garden Exhibition Area) on the second day.

4. The cost does not include: Shangri-La Grand Canyon rafting 120 yuan/person.

5. Each person (except for children who only include cars, meals and insurance) will be given a bottle of oxygen and a cold-proof clothing (used for two days). If damaged, compensation will be made for 500 yuan/piece.

6. Accommodation (Tibetan characteristic Shuizhuang Hotel, Jinxiang Yuan, Zashi Lvsen Hotel) standard room, if a single person participates in the itinerary, the room difference needs to be made up for 50 yuan.

7. Tiger Leaping Gorge Restaurant (Xiangcun Baiwei Garden), Shangri-La Restaurant (Jufulou Restaurant or Lanxiang Restaurant)

8. During the trip, travel agencies and tour guides have the right to adjust the order of scenic spots without reducing scenic spots.

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.