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Shangri-La Balagzong_White Water and Taiwan Double-Flight Five-Day Tour_Half Free Tour


D1 Flights to Shangri-La from all over the country (Flights to be determined) Commercial Vehicles Pick-up and Stay in the Hotel without Breakfast Stay in Shangri-La

After D2 breakfast, BUS Barra Zongla (about 2 hours' drive) will take you to open Shangri-La Grand Gorge.

The mysterious veil of Balagzong in the valley (3-hour tour), Gangqu River is squeezed at the bottom of the valley with an altitude of only more than 1,000 meters by the new mountain making movement, while the two sides face off with magnificent peaks as high as 4000 or 5000 meters. The snow mountain of Balagzong at the end of the canyon with an altitude of 5545 meters is one of the three sacred mountains in Kangba region. Strange light and shadow and rugged rocks can be seen everywhere in the canyons. The Balagzong Canyon has been isolated from the rest of the world so far. However, the villagers, mountains, water and various creatures in the canyon have been living together for hundreds of years to be quiet and peaceful. They have been allowed to show their creativity in the mountains, moonlight, fog and clouds, and have sculpted everything like a dream......

Breakfast included Stay at Balag Zongshuizhuang Hotel

After D3 breakfast, BUS Baishuitai (102 kilometers by car, about 3 hours) Baishuitai is one of the important scenic spots in Zhongdian County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 101 kilometers southeast of Zhongdian County. At an altitude of about 2380 meters, its shape resembles layers of terraces. The cause is that the calcium bicarbonate in the water is irradiated by the sun, and the water evaporates to form calcium carbonate white deposits, and then continuously covers the surface of the ground, so it is one of the largest spring platforms in China. Baishuitai covers an area of 3 square kilometers and has a temperate climate with more rainfall and an annual average temperature of 11 4 ℃. It is one of the birthplaces of Naxi culture in China. According to textual research, the White Water Terrace was originally worshipped as a deity. It is said that the first saint of the Naxi Dongba religion, Dinbasharo, came back from Tibet to learn Buddhist scriptures. He was attracted by the beautiful scenery of Baishuitai and stayed to set up an altar to preach. Therefore, it is a sacred place for the Naxi Dongba religion. Return to Shangri-La to visit Dukezong Zhancheng. In the evening, you can attend Tibetan home visits at your own expense, starting from 180 yuan.

Breakfast included Stay at Shangri-La

D4 After breakfast, visit Napa Sea Scenic Area. Napa Sea is located in the northwest of Shangri-La County, 8 kilometers away from the county seat and 3266 meters above sea level. It is a plateau seasonal lake. The four seasons of Napa Sea have their own characteristics. Late summer and early autumn are rainy seasons. At this time, the amount of water is relatively large. Napa Sea is a large lake with a small grassland beside the lake. In summer, the grass is plump, the grassland green is dotted with small flowers, sheep, cattle and horses eat grass in groups, and blend with the grassland; in autumn, the grassland is golden, and the snow-capped peaks are reflected in the lakes, which is really beautiful. In the winter and spring dry season, the lake shrinks or even dries up, turning into a large swamp meadow-Yila grassland. There is an eight-petal lotus white tower at the entrance of the scenic spot. There are only two such towers in the world, and the other is in India. You can pay to ride a horse to see the flowers in the scenic spot (ride a horse at your own expense). If you come to take photos, you can climb to a high place near the scenic spot, and the result will be better. In the afternoon, I will visit Songzanlin Temple. Kadan Songzanlin Temple is located in Diqing, Yunnan. It is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province and has a pivotal position in the entire Tibetan area. The Kadan Songzanlin Temple is an ancient Huangjiao temple with a long history and is well-known in the border areas of Yunnan, Sichuan, and Tibet. It is also known as the "First Temple of Diqing". It was founded in 1679. According to legend, it is the site of the fifth Dalai Lama's divination and divination. And personally decide the temple site.

Breakfast included Stay at Shangri-La

D5 Breakfast Delivery Machine Shangri-La Fly to Return to Warm Home after End of Trip! Breakfast included

Special Notes

According to the flight and weather conditions at that time, our club has the right to adjust the itinerary without reducing the scenic spots and standards in the early stage. The stay or increase expenses caused by irresistible factors during the trip shall be borne by the guests themselves. Our club will assist in solving the problem and ask the guests to provide accurate information when signing up, once the air ticket is issued, it is not allowed to sign and change the refund. Otherwise, a certain loss fee will be charged. Yunnan is a plateau province with dry climate, strong ultraviolet rays, large temperature difference between morning and evening. Guests should bring sunscreen, rain gear and common medicines for cold-proof coats,

The price quoted for staying in the star-rated quasi-five hotel is 1010 yuan/person (Shangri-La lives in Nanselinka, Balagzong lives in Shuizhuang Hotel, and there is a single man, single woman, and self-care)

The price quoted for the special quasi-five hotel is 635 yuan/person (Shangri-La is staying in Xiangleihua, Balagzong is staying in Shuizhuang Hotel, but the men's single and women's room difference is self-care)

The price quoted by the hotel with four stars is 530 yuan/person (Shangri-La lives in Tashi Del/Maoyuan, Balagzong lives in Shuizhuang, and there is a single man, single woman, and self-care)

The price of a special four-star hotel is 440 yuan per person (Shangri-La lives in Fengshan Linka, Balagzong lives in Shuizhuang, and there is a single man's, single woman's room difference.)

The price quoted for staying in the star-rated quasi-four hotel is 380 yuan/person (Shangri-La lives in Gu Shen/Moonlight City/Divine Comedy, Balagzong lives in Shuizhuang, and there is a single man, single woman, and self-care)

The price quoted for the special quasi-four hotels is 320 yuan/person (Shangri-La lives in the imperial dynasty/Zhaxilin/Shengding, Balagzong lives in Shuizhuang, and there is a single man, single woman, and self-care)

Note: The above quotation is: the price of a single hotel, including pick-up and drop-off machines. Please refer to the following list for scenic spots and cars.

Tickets: Balagzong Grand Canyon 130, Baishuitai 30, Songzanlin Temple 85 (Napahai tickets are free, horse riding fees are required)

Car: 7-12 commercial cars 600 yuan/day

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The current outbreak, the responsibility is on the shoulder, Balagzon in action!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tibet on August 7, 2022, a large number of tourists from Tibet to Yunnan have entered Shangri-La from National Highway 214. The People's Government of Diqing Prefecture has issued a series of relevant policies and measures and actively responded. Medical staff, police and other front-line personnel stick to the front line, have been involved in the "war of resistance" of the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, and jointly participate in dealing with a major public health security incident faced by mankind.