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Milk residue


Milk residue-milk products. Milk residue is a fermented product from milk protein to serum after fermentation.

Basically yogurt pomace is the prototype of yogurt. Have all the effects of yogurt, what's more, yogurt residue has not undergone any processing, more natural.

In the traditional way of production of milk residue, fat (18%). And low-fat cheese (not more than 3%) provisions.

Milk residue is extracted from milk. After the milk is beaten to separate the ghee, the remaining milk is boiled with fire and cooled to form yogurt water. Pour it into bamboo bucket-shaped filter water and leave the milk residue in the bamboo bucket filter.

Color Taste

Milk residue is white and sour, which has a strong role in helping to eliminate. Tibetans often bring milk residue to prevent soil and water discomfort. The fried milk residue made of butter and brown sugar is a common dish used by Inner Mongolia people to treat guests.

Edible method

Tibetans take it with them when they cook tea. When they cook tea, they put a piece in their respective bowls. When they drink it, they add the taste of butter in butter tea. In fact, the milk residue plays the role of ghee.

After drinking a few cups and soaking for more than ten minutes, the milk residue will become soft. Tibetan people eat it directly as snacks.

Soak soft, add sugar and milk, add all kinds of seasonings, and you can eat it.

Characteristics and efficacy

The minerals in milk residue help to form and strengthen bone tissue; amino acids help prevent liver disease; vitamin B can prevent atherosclerosis; low-fat and low-calorie milk residue is the best choice for many weight lighters.

Milk residue also has curative effect. The 'caseines' in milk protein has high nutritional value and can replace animal protein.

Different from ordinary meat, the content of purin [note 1](Purine) in milk residue is very low and is not easy to accumulate in the body.

Lactic acid bacteria in milk residue can also improve the activity of gastrointestinal tract and promote normal defecation. Patients with liver, cardiopulmonary vascular system are also very suitable for consumption, and can promote the formation of hemoglobin in the blood and improve neurological diseases.

Milk residue can not only be eaten directly, but also used to make various masks, face and body lotions or creams. Warming after the milk can also be used to apply to the wound or burning scald parts, to achieve sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect.

Because the extraction process of milk residue is completely natural and free of any additives, it is also easy to rot. It must be stored in the refrigerator with a shelf life of about 3-5 days.





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