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Tibetan Medicine's Unique Diet Therapy


The most important health preservation method of Tibetan medicine lies in dietotherapy, which is one of the main contents in the whole theoretical system of Tibetan medicine, and it is also one of the traditional principles that can not be ignored in the four principles of Tibetan medicine in clinical practice.

In the long development process of Tibetan medicine, many foods have been studied in Tibetan medicine, and almost all diets have been identified as the basic content of Tibetan medicine. In the treatment, food and medicine are combined reasonably and organically, so as to achieve the "power of food borrowing medicine, and the work of medicine helping food", to achieve disease prevention and treatment, to adjust deficiency, to enhance physical fitness, and to slow down aging. The medical purpose of prolonging life.

There are five main categories of food: cereal, meat, oil, vegetable and fried food. The cereal food category includes the sub-valley awns and the pods. Grain mango category: general taste sweet, impotence, long, increase body, it includes rice, millet, millet, wheat, barley and so on. Dou Ying type: taste astringent sweet, cool light, can be used to treat bacon disease, heat syndrome, diarrhea. Fresh cereals are mostly heavy, while mature or old ones are mostly light. Carnivorous: refers to various animals that can be hunted for meat, which can be summarized into three categories: dry, wet and both dry and wet. Meat inhabiting dry land is cool, light and coarse in nature, which can cure long, bacon and combined heat syndrome; meat inhabiting wetland is oily, heavy and warm in nature, which can treat stomach disease, kidney disease and cold syndrome; meat with early and wet sacrifice is also both in nature; oil food: including milk oil, vegetable oil and animal fat. For long-term female use, it can nourish internal water, clean intestinal tract and enhance physical fitness. Vegetable food: vegetables produced in dry land are warm and light in nature, while vegetables produced in wet land are cold and heavy in nature, which can be used to treat cold syndrome and heat syndrome respectively. Frying and stir-frying, with different tastes and tastes, can be selected according to one's own physical conditions.

Beverages include milk, water, wine, etc. Milk: general taste sweet. The sex is greasy and heavy, which can enhance the physique and mainly cure long and red, but some are cool and heavy, which can strengthen yang and replenish qi and induce bacon disease. Drinking water: including rain, snow water, river water, spring water, well water, sea water and cave water, the first is of high quality, the latter is gradually inferior. Fried boiled water can be used to raise body water and help chemical food. Stop hiccups, treat bloating, difficulty breathing, colds, etc. Cold boiled water not only does not induce Bacon's disease, but also can master Chipper's disease: boiled water at night is poisonous. Breeds all diseases; alcohol: sweet and bitter. The nature is sharp, warm and thick, with slight diarrhea, can be fiery, gallbladder, hypnotic, and is mainly used for Peilong disease. Excessive is drunk and more deviant behavior.

Tibetan medicine "dietotherapy" is also very particular about the combination of medicated diet, improper collocation not only can not cure the disease, but also produce toxins. For example, dairy products cannot be eaten with wine, fish, fruits, bean vegetables, chicken, etc.; eggs cannot be eaten with fish, etc.

The process of Tibetan medicine diet therapy is actually to adjust "Long", "Chiba" and "Bacon" to balance and maintain normal physiological functions. Reasonable diet, in order to absorb enough nutrition, enhance the body's resistance. As a result, the three major factors of "Long", "Chiba" and "Bacon" are unbalanced, and effective diet and daily life are formulated for treatment.

  Long's illness:The patient was dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, dry mouth, palpitations, insomnia, tinnitus, wandering pain, cough and spit foamy sputum around dawn, and general weakness. In the diet to drink sheep's milk can remove long disease, moderate drinking before going to bed can make the body fever, promote blood circulation. Food is hot and nutritious. Foods such as Zanba, ghee, mutton soup, Tibetan sugar, red dates, Guiyuan, and hemp can breed blood to strengthen physical strength, nourish the stomach and spleen, rejuvenate the face, nourish the blood and calm the nerves, and produce vitality. The temperature inside the house is suitable, the environment is elegant and comfortable. Indoor light is soft, avoid voice, keep a happy mood, suitable for activities, pay attention to keep warm.

  The disease of Chaba:The skin and sclera of the whole body are yellow, the skin is itchy, urine steam is large, vomiting or diarrhea bile, abdominal distension. Such patients need to drink the right amount of fresh milk, the nature of moisture, glow face. Drink cold boiled water to reduce fire without sputum, drink light tea to greasy, help digestion. The food is light and cool, such as fresh goat butter, big fire porridge, radish, vegetables, fruits, peas, red beans, etc. Can drop. Stop vomiting, clear heat, supplement vitamins, reduce fire and help digestion, increase appetite. Indoor should be cool, moist, ventilated, suitable temperature, avoid exposure to the hot sun, happy mood, avoid emotional internal injury.

  Wall root disease:The body and mind are heavy, the body temperature is low, the pulse is heavy but not significant, drowsiness and sleep more, the urine color is clean, the odor and the vapor are less, the eyeball is white, the eye face is swollen. The mind is dizzy, tired and weak, the waist body is not sensitive, the body is fat, lazy and sleepy. Such patients need to drink the right amount of highland barley wine can promote blood circulation. Drinking sour horse milk twice a day can increase the body's resistance and supplement vitamin C and trace elements and other nutrients. Food should be digested and nutritious such as porridge, noodles, mutton soup, ginger soup, wolf meat, butter tea, fresh fruit, etc. It can nourish yin and yang, produce strong firepower, nourish blood and soothe the nerves, and help sleep. Indoor sunshine, fresh and dry air, keep warm, moderate activity, optimistic mood, avoid mental stimulation.

Tibetan medicine diet and living therapy for different diseases to treat the corresponding food, for the prevention and treatment of diseases, blood health care, longevity, safe and non-toxic, simple. It can be refreshing and nourishing, suitable for all ages, with significant curative effect, and is favored by patients.





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