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The Legend of Road Building of a Kangba Man in Snadin


Li Shaoming Lang Jingjing You Xiangeng

In order to make a living, the Tibetan teenager fled the mountains. He was a deviant "rebellious son" in the eyes of his elders. In order to build a "heavenly road", the multimillionaire became a "billionaire", and he was a "fool" in the eyes of others. He led the way for the villagers, supported the masses to build houses and industries, and transferred and resettled hundreds of people at the critical moment of earthquake.

Sina Dingzhu, a Communist Party member of Bala Village, Nixi Township, Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, wrote with action-a road-building legend of a Kangba man

传奇人物 斯那定珠
This edition of pictures are provided by Yunnan Wenchang Shangri-La County Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

传奇人物 斯那定珠
The Old Post Road in Bala Village

传奇人物 斯那定珠
highway in construction

传奇人物 斯那定珠
Transfer and Resettlement to Calm the Masses in the Earthquake

传奇人物 斯那定珠
The village of Barra is opened by road

In the early morning of March 20, the 83-year-old Baima villager group of Xingfu Village, Nixi Township, Shangri-La County, sat in front of the window of his three-story Tibetan "villa", drinking butter tea and looking at the asphalt road outside the window. Feeling with emotion-the mountain is still that mountain, the river is still that river, but the closed and backward Barra village has undergone earth-shaking changes.

The former old village head looked up at Barra Snow Mountain and pointed to the asphalt road by the Gangqu River and said, "We can get out of the mountains and live a happy life on this road." He stared intently at the cars running on the road and told the reporter the story of Kangba man Sna Dingzhu. "It took him 8 years to build this road, shut down the shops and restaurants, and sold houses and cars... In Bala Village, every family bought cars and built new houses."

The protagonist of the story is the Tibetan Communist Party member of Barra Village, Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and the vice chairman, general manager and party branch secretary of Yunnan Wenchan Shangri-La County Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd. "He changed the village of Bala! He woke up Bala Gzon Grand Canyon!" Baima said.


"I am the child of the mountain"

One day, the "rich man" Snadingzhu decided to treat himself at a small restaurant in Kunming and ordered a plate of fried meat, a bowl of tomato and egg soup and a bowl of rice. When the vegetable meal was served, the young Kangba man suddenly cried-his family couldn't even eat a bowl of highland barley noodles... "It was a meal of tears mixed with rice."

Sina Dingzhu's self-made entrepreneurial story is widely circulated in Diqing Tibetan area.

"I came from the mountain with the color of the mountain on my shoulder. Looking back on the mountain roads I have walked, I can't forget the love the mountain gave me." From Diqing in Yunnan to Lhasa in Tibet and Ganzi in Sichuan, the song "Children of the Mountains", which describes Sina Dingzhu, is one of the most popular songs on the snowy plateau, with a CD circulation of more than 220000 copies.

The Balagzong Grand Canyon is the deepest area cut by the Hengduan Mountains. The walls stand thousands of feet, and the village of Bala is blocked layer by layer, becoming a "paradise" that cannot be entered outside and cannot be entered inside ". "All these mountains and rivers are giving us trouble. We are like being locked in." The old man Larong Qilin said that the villagers did not like this isolated life before. The village has been declining, from 60 households in his childhood to 25 households. When Sna Dingzhu came back to build the road, there were only 14 households left.

In 1964, when Snadingzhu was born in Bala Village, the villagers mostly made a living by hunting and planting highland barley and corn, and often did not have enough to eat. The post road less than one meter wide on the cliff of the canyon is the only way for them to communicate with the outside world. It takes more than 4 days to go to Shangri-La County from the village. The post road is difficult and dangerous. If you are not careful, you will fall into the galloping Gangqu River. Some people are seriously ill, and they are carried by young adults to take the post road to the doctor. They often have no return, and some even die on the way.

The Snadingzhu family has six brothers and sisters, and their days are even more stretched. They have to borrow money to make ends meet. As his eldest brother, he dropped out of school to farm at home. Sometimes he went to the field to dig out the potato seeds he had just planted and secretly buried them in the fire pond to burn for his younger brothers and sisters to eat. Once, a two-year-old sister mistakenly thought that food could be found in the fireplace at any time. she reached out to catch it and was burned. she still has scars.

"At that time, the supply and marketing cooperatives and the screening team were the 'relatives' we looked forward to most, and they were once or twice a year. Flashlights were the 'high-tech' products that Bala people came into contact with, and they were specially wrapped in a cowhide jacket, which was extremely cherished." When he was 10 years old, Snading Pearl was tied to his waist with a rope by his father. For the first time, he walked out of the canyon through the narrow post road and reached the county seat. Looking at the "wide" sandy road and cars he had never seen before, he had a dream of walking out of the mountains.

The agitation of the teenager was severely criticized by his father: it is shameful not to farm and support his parents at home!

"There are people in the village who work better than you, but he still can't change his destiny. I want to go out." Thirteen-year-old Snadin choked his father speechless. He took the 35 yuan travel expenses raised by his father everywhere, carried crystal stone on his back in a shabby pocket, carried the reputation of "bad boy", climbed the cliff, and walked along the Gangqu River without hesitation.

After traveling to Shangri-La, Dali, Kunming, Guangzhou and Shanghai, Sinadingzhu sold crystal stones and cordyceps sinensis, and then transported tape recorders, tapes, rubber shoes, new sportswear, bicycles and so on back to Yunnan, following the country market to set up stalls and earn a considerable price difference.

From never speaking Chinese to speaking fluent Mandarin, he slowly adapted to the outside world; from setting up stalls to bulk wholesale agents, he won the trust of more big businesses with honesty and integrity, and his business grew bigger and bigger.

Snadingzhu opened the first hardware machinery store and the first mutton hotpot city in Diqing Prefecture, accumulated tens of millions of yuan in wealth, and brought his parents to live in Shangri-La County. However, whenever I think of my closed and backward hometown and more villagers who are still "locked up" in the Balagzong Grand Canyon, Snadingzhu, who is rich in money, always feels that his life is not comfortable. The Kangba man begins to "dream": "I want to build an asphalt road for the Barra people!"

"Being rich does not mean being rich. If I live my life like this and don't go back to my hometown, my life will be in vain." He explained his actions this way.

Road construction

Millionaires become "billionaires"

"build a highway, develop the canyon of balagzon, and get rich through tourism together, then I can realize my dream." The fate of Sna Dinzhu was doomed to be connected with the way out of the Barra people.

To build a road on the cliffs of the canyon is a pipe dream. The warm-blooded Snadin was opposed and even ridiculed, including by his family.

Describe the future roads and tourism to the villagers, and some people fell asleep; group after group of designers came, surveyed the terrain, shook their heads and left; batch after batch of construction teams came, and the excavators were difficult to gain a foothold. Sighed and left.

"The design and construction teams can't do it, I'll do it myself!" He surveyed the terrain and designed the construction route himself. He walked about 40000 kilometers in two years to survey the terrain and explore the road construction skills at the cliff, deep turn and 90-degree sharp turn.

In order to raise funds for road construction, he sold the restaurants, hardware stores, houses and cars he had operated for many years, went to all the banks and credit companies in Shangri-La, and borrowed from all his relatives and friends. Shangri-La County has a street shop, he borrowed next to it; a credit company, he ran 50 times, and finally got support.

In order to build roads, he once owed more than 0.1 billion yuan in debt, and the former multimillionaire became a billionaire "negative".

On September 10, 2004, the construction of the road from 214 National Highway to Bala Village finally started. This 6.5-meter-wide and 35-kilometer-long road passes through 4 Tibetan villages. Flats in the canyon

Economic crops are rare and precious, and all have to be negotiated by Sna Dingzhu. He has worn out his mouth, making maximum concessions and striving for understanding and support. Some older women thought he was cheating and spit in his face. He wiped his face with his hand and said with a smile: "Empress, don't do this, we will discuss it slowly."

Regardless of the sun and rain, Sna Dingzhu insists on supervising and guiding the construction line, saving every penny and tamping every section of the roadbed.

In 2007, he raised another 7 million yuan to erect a 34.8-kilometer-long 10 kV transmission and transformation line from the top of the bridge to Barra Village, solving the problem of electricity for production and living in more than 50 households and scenic spots in 4 villages along the line. problem.

The road was digging day by day, but the father who had sent him out of the mountain was ill. When the road was about to be built to Bala Village, the old father insisted on going to see it. At the end of 2007, his father Wangdui was standing in Barra Village, watching the winding road lead to the door of his hometown. He patted Snadingzhu on the shoulder with his thick hand, saying nothing, with happy tears hanging in the corner of his eyes, enjoying glory and pride in advance. "That was my happiest moment." Sna Dingzhu recalled.

Shortly after his father died, on January 1, 2008, Barra Village ushered in a historic moment: the road was open! The high voltage is on! The phone's on!

"We sang and danced, and presented the white hada to Snarding Pearl." Lausanne, the leader of the villagers' group, said that some people took out boiled eggs and gave them to Sna Dingzhu. They did not know how to express their feelings. Some people kept calling relatives and friends to experience the magic of modern communication. Some people kept pressing the light switch to enjoy the beauty of instantly lighting up the mountain village. "At that moment, I shed tears." This is how Snadin describes the joy of success.

At the end of June 2009, the main part of the Barra Village Highway was paved with asphalt, and Sna Dingzhu raised another 1.28 million yuan to build a bridge on the Gangqu River. Now the time from Bala Village to the county seat has been shortened from three or four days to one and a half hours.

Lead the way

"Jiapigou" turns into "international model"

With the strong rise of Balagzong scenic spot and the influx of tourists from home and abroad, Snadingzhu once again "made a fool of itself": it was jointly developed with Yunnan Wentou Group and controlled by Yunnan Wentou, creating an "international model" of characteristic tourism with great boldness of vision ".

After eight years of painstaking efforts, the highway was finally completed, but Sna Dingzhu was frequently embarrassed.

The road is through, there are enterprises to build cascade power stations on the Gangqu River, and with considerable shares to lure the debt-ridden Sna Dingzhu. He was determined: "Absolutely not, the development of power stations is too much damage to the environment!"

When the road was clear, some villagers began to cut down and transport timber from the private mountain; some people fried and poisoned fish in the river... "If you use the road I built to destroy your home, I would rather blow up this road myself!" Sna Dingzhu was anxious and angry.

After many efforts, the power station was stopped. He listed the "Three Parallel Rivers National Scenic Area Hongshan Scenic Area Balagzong Management Office" in the Balagzong Scenic Area, and began to protect the ecological environment of the Balagzong.

Sna Dingzhu knows very well that to put an end to destruction from the source, the most fundamental thing is to make the villagers rich. As a result, 15 households in Bala Village moved to the gentle slope of the canyon with the help of Sna Dingzhu, forming two new Tibetan villages, Nalang Village and Shuizhuang Village. At the same time, he rented the idle land of the villagers to develop ecological agriculture, with an average annual rent of 10000 yuan per household. On the one hand, the 100-year-old houses of the villagers were rented to restore their original appearance for tourists to visit and experience Tibetan culture, and the annual rent was 3000 to 5000 yuan per household. He also supported villagers to set up chicken farms, pig farms and ecological fish ponds, which not only met the needs of scenic spots, but also increased the income of each household by about 50000 yuan per year.

In the past two years, there have been many construction projects in the scenic spot. Snadingzhu subcontracted some projects to local villagers for construction, which not only saved expenses and ensured quality, but also allowed villagers to learn technology and get benefits. On average, each person increased by 50 thousands or 60 thousands per year. Income. He also contracted the road maintenance work in the scenic spot to the villagers by section, with each household paying 7000 yuan per year.

Baima, who now lives in Shuizhuang Village, has five people in his family. His three sons have contracted projects and maintained roads, plus an annual housing rental fee of 5000 yuan and a land rental fee of 6000 yuan. Last year, his income reached 110000 yuan. The old man pointed to his three-story Tibetan watchtower and the minivan parked at the door and said: "Look, the house was built by Sna Dingzhu. He also funded the purchase of the mini-car. Our family also has a farm car!" His son, A Bing, added: "Life now is unimaginable. Potato and Baogu are used to feed livestock!"

Today, there are new buildings and new styles in Barra Village. Minivans, freezers, ovens, solar energy, computers, optical fibers, etc. are all available. There are more than a dozen college students in the village. Balagzong National Park and 4A scenic spot have been built to welcome visitors, and great changes have taken place in the villagers' ideas. They are proud of the Balagzong people and claim to be the people of Balagzong scenic spot, which has injected humanistic power into the landscape and connotation of the scenic spot.

The test of fate on Sna Ding Zhu did not stop.

In 2013, sna Dingzhu was ready to do a big job. When the number of tourists in the 4A scenic spot of balagzong increased greatly, the turnover increased significantly, and the speed-up sprint to the 5A scenic spot, the "8.28" and "8.31" earthquakes followed. The road collapsed in a large area, power and communication were interrupted, and more than 400 villagers, employees and more than 50 tourists were trapped and unable to contact the outside world. Sna Dingzhu rushed back from Kunming on his business trip. At the risk of continuous aftershocks and falling rocks, he entered Balagzon on foot, ordered all food and bedding to be taken out, and used more than 30 cars to transfer the trapped people to a safe area for pacification and resettlement.

Afterwards, he led the team in the rain and started large-scale mechanical equipment such as loaders and excavators to repair the road from the scenic spot to the 214 National Highway from the inside to the outside. Five days later, he joined the front rescue team and more than 400 people returned home safely.

The "Tianlu" built in 8 years was damaged by more than 30 kilometers, of which 18 kilometers were severely damaged and the loss was nearly 0.2 billion yuan. The repair was very difficult, and the villagers and employees were very sad. He swallowed tears to comfort everyone: "People are there, the road is there!"

Building "Heavenly Road", Sna Dingzhu, Bala Village

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