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In order to realize the happy dream of Sangzi-Vice Chairman of Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Sna Dingzhu


传奇人物 斯那定珠

"As a Communist Party member, it is not only my duty but also my duty to change the impoverished face of my hometown. Because my roots are in Barra Village, it is the beautiful landscape of my hometown that nurtures me." For many years, the vice chairman and general manager of Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Snadinger, has been interpreting the purpose of "serving the people wholeheartedly" with his own practical actions, and tried every possible means to be closed in the snow-capped mountains. The folks in the canyon have opened up a "heavenly road" to happiness on the cliffs ".

Out of the mountain heart of the folks

The Barra Village Group of Xingfu Village Committee, Nixi Township, Shangri-La County, which has been isolated from the rest of the world for generations, the villagers live in extreme poverty. It takes four days to cross the mountains to reach the side of the road where the township government is located, and some villagers have never seen roads and cars in their lives.

"On the small intestine path that is only about 1 meter wide, the child walks in front, and the adult has to tie a rope around his waist to pull it. It takes a few days to get out of the canyon and reach the side of the road." The experience of his childhood is still fresh in the memory of Gesang Tsering, a villager in Bala Village. The trail he mentioned was actually a post road for horses and men that was built in 1979.

Closure, poverty, and backwardness became the true portrayal of Bala Village at that time. People with conditions moved away one after another. There are only 14 households left in the mountain village with more than 60 households. The road, let the whole village people live a good life became the dream of Sindin Pearl.

At the age of 13, he walked out of the mountains to wander the "rivers and lakes". I don't know how many times he fell on the road of doing business, but this Kangba man with the fortitude and outstanding quality of the mountains, every time he walked home, he could hear the villagers talking about the mules and horses. The supplies fell into the Gangqu River and lost all their money, and his heart was like turning over a bottle of five flavors. In order to realize his childhood dream, he wiped the tears from his eyes and left his hometown quietly.

Although he has tasted all the ups and downs of the world, as long as he has a delicious meal, the first thing he thinks of is that the crops planted in his hometown for a year are not enough for half a year. He said, "When I ordered a plate of small fried meat, a bowl of tomato and egg soup and a bowl of rice at a restaurant in Kunming, the footage of people from my hometown who couldn't even eat highland barley noodles came to mind. I cried and ate and swore: I must save money and try to make money and accumulate money to turn what the folks thought I was saying 'crazy thing' into reality."

Return to Hometown to Realize Dreams

Sna Dingzhu has accumulated a fortune through more than 20 years of hard work outside ". He said: "although my family and I have no worries about food and clothing in the city, when we think of the villagers living deep in the mountains, it seems that we can smell the fragrance of the soil in our hometown, and we also think of the access dream I told the villagers when I was a child."

One day in 1999, when he was visiting Longmen, Xishan, Kunming, he had the idea of returning to his hometown to develop tourism. He thought silently that although his hometown was poor and backward, it was a sacred pure land with few people. The development of the original natural and cultural resources of the hometown as tourism projects may help the villagers get rid of poverty and become rich.

He resolutely returned to his hometown and registered Balagzong Eco-tourism Development Co., Ltd. When he was preparing to turn his hometown into a famous tourist attraction, he was ridiculed by others and incomprehensible by villagers, family members and relatives. Because to build a scenic tourist area, the biggest "roadblock" is to build a road to Balagzon. But this "Tibetan Yak" on the snow-covered plateau, which is "eating the ancient", insists: "The great mountains and rivers and human resources of my hometown, and the development of tourism projects can help the villagers get rid of poverty and become rich. At the same time, it is not like the development of industry. Destroy the environment."

The original villager group leader Tenzin said: "Sina Dingzhu put the county seat on a good day, however, but want to chisel a road from the cliff of his hometown to let cars through, this is simply a fable. At that time, almost everyone thought he was back talking crazy again. Many of the engineering teams he found were retreating, and the villagers were not willing to participate in the construction, and everyone was just a bystander."

In September 2004, the ground was officially broken on the suffering Panshan Highway from 214 National Road to Bala Village. During the construction period, although he touched a lot of "nails" and was repeatedly questioned, abused and cold-eyed, he still stuck to the road construction site day and night. After the difficult development "drained" his savings for decades, he sold his shops, cars, and even houses in Shangri-La County despite the strong opposition of his family.

This "stubborn cow", which is praised as a "fool", has seen a rainbow after wind and rain. On New Year's Day 2008, his childhood dream of opening to traffic in his hometown finally came true. With his hard work, his long-cherished wish of getting electricity, talking on the phone, and talking on the Internet was realized. The life of "Xanadu Garden" in Bala Village, which has been hiding "outside the world", has become history, and every villager's face has a bright smile-the car drove to the door, the old man repeatedly switched on and off the lights, the young and middle-aged kept calling relatives and friends, and the teenagers surfing on the Internet ...... "Now it is no longer far away to go anywhere, and it takes about an hour by car to reach the county." A Tibetan guy in the village who works as a tour guide in the scenic spot couldn't help but say: "I now have two mobile phones. I can surf the Internet, chat with QQ, play WeChat, and use Weibo at any time. I can know what is happening in the world every day and learn. A lot of things, come into contact with many new things."

Move to build a new village to help the poor

In order to completely change the life of the villagers in the village of "a bowl of highland barley flour and a bowl of highland barley flour", sna Dingzhu has invested 2 to 100000 yuan per household, so that 14 villagers living on high-altitude hillsides have been relocated to the banks of the Gangqu River, forming a new countryside-Shuizhuang Village. The villagers' original houses and land are leased from the scenic spot, and each household can get an annual rent of more than 20000 yuan. The scenic spot refurbished the ancient houses and developed the land into an ecological farm for tourists to visit.

Sna Dingzhu often thinks that teaching people to fish can only save a temporary emergency, while teaching people to fish can solve a lifetime's needs. While encouraging and supporting the villagers to develop their industries, he also contracted the road maintenance work to the villagers in sections, and each household received more than 7000 yuan a year. In particular, some projects with low technical content in the scenic spot were contracted to the villagers at a high price. Last year, the villagers' group received more than 500000 yuan of collective income from the scenic spot, and this year it has reached more than 800000 yuan.

Before the relocation, the villager Lurong's family of 6 had an annual income of only 100 yuan. They could not even sell New Year's goods during the New Year. The family's greatest wish was to have enough to eat. Today, he not only grows some medicinal materials and vegetables, but also runs a chicken farm, which produces about 4000 chickens a year, all of which are purchased by the scenic spot. The gross income from raising chickens alone is nearly 200000 yuan a year.

Villager Tashi Tsi Lin said: "In the past, my family of seven people, eat up to half a year, 15 years old did not wear pants, 18 years old to wear shoes made of hemp leather. I heard which family has 1000 yuan, we think this is an astronomical figure. Now my family lives in a spacious and beautiful house, is the Sina Dingzhu subsidy built up, mini cars and agricultural vehicles are also he bought to my family."

Ban Jianmin, head of the village's villagers' group, said: "In the past, there were only five mules in our village, but now every household has cars. In the past, villagers intermarried with each other in the village. Now girls from other provinces have married into our village, and girls from our village have also married as far away as Kunming and other places."

Today, not only Tibetan-style stone houses have been built in every family in Barra Village, but also minivans, freezers, ovens, washing machines, televisions, computers, landline phones and mobile phones and other things that were previously unexpected have all entered the homes of Barra villagers. These earth-shaking changes, there is nothing that does not embody the childhood dream of Snadingzhu.

When the enterprise has developed to a certain extent, he has taken the initiative to assume social responsibility. At present, the employment problem of more than 160 rural surplus labor force has been solved. As he said, "To realize the Chinese dream, it is necessary to let more rural families realize their dreams of happiness. Next year, after the completion of the five-star hotel in the scenic spot, I will have to absorb at least 200 more surplus rural laborers."

Sna Dingzhu is not only a strong man who leads his hometown fathers and villagers to become rich, but also a charitable person who is kind and charitable. Zishi Village, Zigeng Township, derong county, Sichuan Province, lacked funds to build rural roads. He invested 68000 yuan to build roads and bridges and 25000 yuan to build a party member activity room for the village. He often said: "No matter how rich I am, I can't forget my roots. I can't forget that I am an out-and-out farmer. So as long as my neighbors have any difficulties, I will do my best to help them. This is also my life. The true nature."

In addition to installing and paying for landline telephones, Internet and TV expenses for villagers, as well as villagers going to the clinics in the scenic area to enjoy the treatment of employees, he also generously donated money to support poor students and families who can't afford to see a doctor. He said: "It is my duty to subsidize poor students. I don't ask them to repay me. I just ask them to repay the society when they grow up and care for people who are in the same difficulties as them."

After the scenic spot has taken shape, Sinadings has been cooperating with Yunnan Cultural Investment Group since 2011 to further develop tourism and cultural resources under the premise of protecting natural heritage, gradually realize the transformation and upgrading of scenic spots, and take the road of integration of culture and tourism.

"If the villagers' income increases and they devote themselves to development, the society will be more harmonious and stable." He said to the employees: "At present, what I have to do is to better cooperate with Wentou Group, work together to protect the ecological environment of Balagzong, and continue to inherit and fully explore the migration culture, pagoda culture, and music of my hometown. Culture and ecological cultural connotation make my hometown truly a place where people and nature, and people live in harmony with each other, which domestic and foreign tourists yearn." For future development, Snadingzhu has a bigger dream: "With the care and support of party committees and governments at all levels, I will build Balagzon into a world-famous tourist attraction and make it more people's minds. The harmonious and beautiful Shangri-La contributes to the construction of a beautiful China."

Earthquake Relief Shows Great Love

When Snadingzhu was planning for the bright future of Balagzon, which had been awarded the national 4A scenic spot brand, the "8?28" earthquake, which highlighted it, made the Balagzon scenic spot in ruins, not only caused the power, transportation and communication to be interrupted, but also caused the staff of the scenic spot and more than 50 tourists to be trapped.

Sina Dingzhu, who had just arrived in Kunming on a business trip, was anxious after hearing the news, returned in time, and braved aftershocks and falling rocks to quickly walk to the scenic spot. After learning that all the employees and tourists were unscathed, he put down the heavy stone in his heart and immediately cooperated with the rescue team to repair a passage to transport the tourists to Shangri-La County as soon as possible.

He is leading the staff and the people in his hometown to clean up a mess of scenic spots, "8?31" earthquake to the scenic area and worse, the road was severely damaged, rescue teams can not reach the trapped people. In order to get more than 400 trapped people out of the predicament as soon as possible, he comforted everyone while organizing scenic area employees and construction team members to rush to repair the road in the rain. Aftershocks and falling rocks buried the roads they repaired, and he encouraged everyone to carry forward the spirit of Yugong and use loaders and excavators to build roads every day.

On the afternoon of September 5, the road was finally cleared, and all the trapped people were so excited that tears filled their eyes. After the villagers of Barra thanked him, they also rushed to make a "natural disaster is merciless, great love is boundless; great kindness and great virtue, always in the hearts of the people" The pennant was given to him.

When all the trapped people got on the rescue vehicle and set foot on the way home, everyone was shocked by the tragedy along the way. But Sna Dingzhu looked at the highway he had invested nearly 0.3 billion yuan to build, but was silent when it was smashed by boulders or buried by large landslides. Because of these two earthquakes, the Balagzong scenic area caused economic losses of about 0.3 billion yuan. He said: "Although it is very difficult to repair the infrastructure of the scenic spot, I am worried about the employment of employees and the livelihood of the villagers in Barra Village." Sna Dingzhu's concern is reasonable. After the road is damaged, more than 160 employees in the scenic area will face unemployment, and most of them come from poor mountainous areas. It is extremely difficult for them to live at home. They can't live without jobs. The villagers of Barra Village have lived in deep mountains and valleys for generations. This road is their only way out of the mountain. Without this road, their normal life will be affected. Therefore, this road is not only the road to the Balagzong Scenic Area, but also the road of hope for the villagers and employees of the Bala Village to a happy life.

Sna Dingzhu's actions over the years have actually won unanimous praise and praise from many people. He has successively won many honors such as "Creating the First and Striving for Excellence and Advanced Workers", "Top Ten Private Economy Leaders" and "Tourism Contribution Award. But he said, "I can't grow up without my own efforts, the hot land of the hometown where I grew up, and the Party's education and reform and opening-up policy. And as a member of the Communist Party and a member of the state CPPCC, it is my responsibility to give back to my hometown. The next step I want to do is to give all my love to my hometown and to the Balagzon." In this way, Snading Zhu practiced the party's mass line in accordance with his words and deeds, composing a snow mountain love song with practical actions, so that the hometown fathers and villagers and the people of the whole country can enter a well-off society at the same time and realize the Chinese dream.

Barra Village, Barragzon, General Manager Sna Dinzhu

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