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See the Truth in Crisis-Two or Three Things to Rescue the Sna Dingzhu Earthquake


And maowen

传奇人物 斯那定珠
Snadin Zhu at the scene of emergency repair highway command

传奇人物 斯那定珠
Snadin Zhu at the scene of emergency repair highway command

传奇人物 斯那定珠
Snadin Zhu helps the masses at the temporary settlement.

In recent years, in Shangri-La, no matter walking slowly on the streets of the city or to the villages in the countryside, when talking about the Balagzong scenic spot, people always mention the well-known name of Sina Dingzhu (Wang Haibin). Because for decades, he led the villagers to build roads from the depths of the mountains until he succeeded in building scenic spots, and the touching deeds of a village that helped his hometown elders shake off poverty and become rich spread all over the Diqing Plateau.

Recall that in August this year, when the scenic spot he successfully built with decades of painstaking efforts was hit hard by the two earthquakes of "August 28" and "August 31", and more than 400 people in the scenic spot were trapped in the critical moment, he ignored the property loss of hundreds of millions of yuan in the scenic spot with amazing perseverance, resolutely stood up and organized all parties to have the strength first, mobilize all party members, cadres and scenic area staff to fight against disasters, resist dangers, and fight against disasters, and spare no effort to protect the lives and property of the people.

The two sudden earthquakes of "August 28" and "August 31" brought historic disasters to the originally peaceful and peaceful Shangri-La Balagzong Scenic Area, isolating the entire scenic area from the world. Because Balagzong scenic area is located in the deep mountain canyon, less vegetation. The earthquake caused a large area of landslides in the mountain, causing the road from the 214 National Highway to the Balagzong Scenic Area to be basically buried by landslides or damaged by falling rocks. The wires and bars along the way were also all broken, causing the power and communication of the Balagzong Scenic Area to be completely paralyzed. More than 400 people (including 52 tourists) were trapped in the scenic spot and could not get in touch with the outside world, which made the anxious tourists even more restless.

The general manager of Yunnan Wencheng Shangri-La County Balagzong Tourism Development Co., Ltd., who was on a business trip to Kunming, flew back to the scenic spot on foot after hearing the news. Under the circumstances of frequent aftershocks and continuous falling rocks, he understood the disaster and expressed his condolences to the trapped people regardless of personal safety. Timely organize the scenic staff to hold a meeting, so that employees first eliminate the fear of facing the disaster, stable mood. It also requires all party members to take the initiative to stand up, shoulder their existing responsibilities and obligations, and make every effort to organize all parties to participate in disaster relief work.

With a whistle, all personnel gathered to the scenic reception center parking lot. "Don't be afraid, don't panic, we can't predict and avoid natural disasters. At this moment, we should learn to save ourselves and avoid unnecessary harm. Please trust me, the government and the Party. The rescue team will arrive soon." Lise Nading said calmly.

After calming everyone's emotions, all management meetings were convened in time to formulate a plan for the transfer of the trapped people. Through brainstorming and careful analysis, Snadin made a difficult decision to transfer the trapped people to the open area near Barra Village. And promptly organized the establishment of a temporary earthquake self-rescue headquarters, he served as the commander, with the company's excavators and blasting facilities to repair the road. Under his command, he also transported all the company's food, sesame oil, meat, vegetables, blankets, sleeping bags and other living materials to the resettlement area to supply the trapped people.

When I saw that the villagers in Bala Village were worried about their houses and livestock, and clamored to go down the mountain to check the situation, it was for the safety of the villagers. He once again organized the staff to do ideological work for the villagers. After several discussions, he decided to select 2 young and strong villagers and 2 strong staff, and then went to Shuizhuang Village and Nalang Village to check the next morning. When he saw that the villagers were once again emotionally abnormal due to damage to their houses and livestock casualties, he repeatedly encouraged everyone to cheer up, and said that natural disasters are merciless and people are sentimental. Now the party committee, government, and armed police officers and soldiers are working hard to rescue us. Everyone must believe in the party and the country, believe in the government, and will help everyone restore and rebuild their homes after the earthquake. He also used examples of reconstruction after severe disasters (Lijiang, Wenchuan, Yushu) to calm the villagers down.

With frequent aftershocks and continuous rain, the rescue team was unable to get in for a long time. Seeing that the living materials of the trapped people were about to be exhausted, in order to ensure that the trapped people had sufficient food, Snadings mobilized all the staff to dig potatoes and risked their lives to the reception center of the scenic spot to bring the annual pigs raised by the company to the resettlement site for slaughter to ease the lives of the trapped people.

Until the afternoon of September 5, after a service road was repaired from the 214 National Highway to the Balagzong Scenic Area, when the rescue team arrived at the scenic area, all the staff cheered and were so excited that their eyes were in tears; they spontaneously scrambled to shake hands with him to thank him. Some villagers still couldn't help kowtowing to him at the scene. The scenes of touching thanks made all the people present cry. At that moment, Sinadin Zhu is not only the general manager of the employees, he is more like a bright sun shining on everyone's heart. Under his command, more than 400 people survived the danger, retreated from Barra Village to the reception center of the scenic spot in an orderly manner, and embarked on a safe journey home one by one.

It was only after all the tourists were put on the bus that Snadin, who had been tired for many days and was deeply exhausted, quieted down. When he looked back and thought that the road he had painstakingly built for many years had been smashed beyond recognition by boulders, and when he recalled that the scenic spot that had been painstakingly managed for many years had been scarred, the eyes of the Kangba man Sna Dingzhu, who was said to be difficult, began to moisten. But in the face of disaster, he ignored his own safety and served the masses wholeheartedly.

In particular, people who experienced rescue and disaster relief work or were trapped in scenic spots at that time praised: "this is the style of life and work of sina Dingzhu, and this is Wang Haibin, an excellent Communist Party member in people's hearts". "In him, we have seen the spiritual demeanor of the Communists, the spiritual source of the boundless love from the Communists, and let us personally feel the sense of security of following the Communists."

Balagzong Scenic Area, Snadin Pearl





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